System Changers: Keep Asking Why

By 5th May 2022 Blogs, News

‘System Changers’ in Kilwinning is a programme supported by Corra and Lankelly Chase. The programme designed to bring people together and provide the time, space  and tools to contribute to positive change at an individual, organisational and systemic level.

A continuation of Louise Shaw’s (Blacklands – Corra) blog on Poverty and System Changers. In this written piece, she explores how knowledge and understanding can be a pathway to change, and the importance of asking ‘why?’.

Working from home has many ups and downs. I have learnt more about work-life balance, and I am also learning more from the children in my house. As I am trying to work from home, there are times when young children are also at home. Between the Zoom calls, emails, and everything else my working day requires, I am also answering all the ‘why?’ questions:

“Why do I have to brush my teeth?”

“Why does brushing my teeth keep them healthy?”

“Why does some food stick to my teeth?”

“Why do I have toenails?”

The ‘why?’ questions of a toddler are never ending, as their little inquisitive minds are eager to know more and ask more questions.

Systems Change

I am currently part of a System Changers programme where we encourage each other to ask questions and find the ‘flex’ within our systems. This got me thinking, when do we stop asking why?

As toddlers, we drive adults to distraction with all our ‘why?’ questions, however, somewhere along the line this changes. We change and become afraid to ask why; we accept the things we are told without asking why, and we assume that others know better. We fail to be inquisitive, and ask, why do we do things the way we do?

Flexing the System

So now, I am learning to be brave, and I am learning to ask why again. I am asking how can I help educate others by increasing my understanding of systems, situations, business models, and health care? The list of possibilities is endless, I just need to ask.

With this knowledge, can I help shape change?

When I understand why things are the way that they are, will I find that flex in the system and give it a little push? I am certainly going to try.

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