Making time to listen in grantmaking

By 15th July 2022 Blogs, News

Hi I’m Lindsay.

I recently joined Corra as the Families and Early Intervention Specialist managing the CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government. As a team we are focusing on ‘sharing stories’ and I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you a little about mine.

I’ve been working in the funding sector for 10 years and have volunteered in the Third Sector for nearly 15 years. Having worked at National Lottery Community Fund as a Funding Officer and an Area Officer as well as working at Life Changes Trust as the Funding Manager for their Young People with Care Experience Programme, I’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience that I can bring to my role within Corra. Working alongside grassroots organisations has helped me to understand the important role they play in responding to local needs within their communities. I have also worked with National organisations and public bodies striving for transformational change for young people with care experience.

I’m passionate about helping others and empowering people to feel confident making decisions for themselves that can improve their lives. I’ve seen a real shift in the funding sector over the last 10 years with both funders and services moving to a more people centred approach, allowing individuals to help shape the services they use to best suit their needs. Participation and voice underpinned so much of the work at Life Changes Trust. As an organisation we championed participatory approaches and developed all the funding initiatives alongside young people and an advisory group. We also supported grantholders to support young people’s participation. This approach meant young people’s voices were heard at every stage of design, decision making, delivery and policy making. I have learned that organisations need to be given the time, space and resource to engage young people in a meaningful way, so that participation does not feel like a ‘tick box’ exercises for funders.

It’s important that we create opportunities to listen to the people, communities and organisations we work alongside. I’m excited to be involved in the Support and Engagement programme for the CYPFIEF & ALEC Fund. The themes and focus of this programme are steered by the needs of organisations. As funders, it’s important we continue to work alongside the organisations we fund, build relationships which encourage open communication around challenges, celebrate successes in their work and amplify the voices of the people they support.

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