Systems Changers: Time

By 27th July 2022 Blogs

‘System Changers’ in Kilwinning is a programme supported by Corra and Lankelly Chase. The programme is designed to bring people together and provide the time, space, and tools to contribute to positive change at an individual, organisational, and systemic level.



Being part of our Systems Changers group, I noticed one single thing which changed the way I think and work. TIME!


Heard it all before?

“Take time for yourself”. I know you’ve heard this all before, and maybe even thought ‘I’m going to start doing this’, but then you didn’t have the time.

We are all busy just trying to do our jobs and keep our heads above water. We are busy just trying to get through life. That’s the way I felt; always busy and never had the room for anything else.



Looking after yourself is not selfish!

This is honestly the biggest thing that I’ve done that has improved my life! It sounds dramatic for something so simple, but it’s true.

I take time to think. Having space to think things through, for example, at work taking time to think about plans, projects that are complete, think about others perspectives and reflecting on conversations that I’ve had.

I know it sounds a bit ‘out there’ to some, but time meant a clarity of the things that needed done, and the things that didn’t matter. Connections with others improved, and I felt much happier and more productive.

Then I did the same at home. I stopped and made time for me: walk, run, gym, a soak in the bath, all things that get pushed to the side as other things always seemed more important. “Taking time for yourself” had the same positive effect at home.

You can’t buy time, you already have it.

Use the time you have wisely. Stop to think, make space for yourself. Enjoy your life, and be happy!


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