#TogetherWeCan – Collydean Community Centre

This Challenge Poverty week, Corra is sharing stories from Henry Duncan Grant funded charities. Challenge Poverty week is an opportunity to change the conversation about poverty, end the stigma and show support for solutions. Find out more at: https://www.challengepoverty.net/ 

Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis Collydean Community Centre has been instrumental in assisting the Collydean and North Glenrothes area as one of only a few organisations who chose to remain open during the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic few systems were in place to serve the growing need of the Community. It became clear very early into the pandemic that emergency food provision, befriending services and digital connectivity were the main focus.

Before lockdown the Centre had introduced a Community Larder which meant that people could get access to fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, canned goods and store cupboard essentials, working in partnership with our local retail partners. One service user said “The Community Larder is a life line to people who are in need”. Available food items were posted on our Facebook page and people were encouraged to collect items from the Centre, the Facebook page also provided some rudimentary recipes.  Furthermore “Community Champions” have been created, these are local volunteers that act as a point of contact between the Community and the Centre allowing us to reach further by supplying food and other necessities to those who may not be able to come to the Centre but may have the greatest need.

During Challenge Poverty Week, a Staff member challenged Collydean and North Glenrothes to participate in a sponsored event – Live on £1 a day for 3 days challenge – this event will take place during 5-11 October. All funds raised will be used to buy provisions for the Community Larder. This event will predominantly be advertised on the Centre’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/collydeancommunitycentre) with the Staff member posting her daily recipes from September 30th.

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