Broughton Primary School: coronavirus, lockdown and reflections on #BuildForwardBetter

By 1st September 2020 Community Stories, News

A huge thank you to Broughton Primary School pupils and teachers for taking part in Corra’s community stories.  We are grateful for the opportunity to listen to so many voices and understand better the impact of coronavirus and lockdown on children and young people.

The children gave us a great insight into their:

– Experiences of lockdown.
– The impact on their mental health and well-being.
– The importance of friendships, family and networks.
– Learning and support needs.

They also shared some rights based solutions for recovery to #BuildForwardBetter.

The children spoke of the importance of their community coming together, especially in the earlier stages of lockdown. 

The pupils spoke of the importance of support from school and teachers during lockdown and homeschooling. Being online has helped children maintain important social connections and friendships.  Some children managed to continue their learning through social and cultural groups such as virtually attending Church and Mosque, as well as online youth groups and support groups.  Not everyone preferred the transition to online working and missed attending school, speaking with teachers and meeting their school friends.

Initial lockdown restrictions, homeschooling, and being unable to meet family and friends has had a huge impact on children and young people.  Many children told us about the worries and anxieties of:

– Being home and falling behind on education.
– Family life and dynamics.
– Transition from primary school to secondary school.
– Returning to school after the summer.
– Missing important life experiences e.g. last year of primary school, birthdays, funerals.
– Loss of loved ones.

The Positives
The children also spoke about the positives of lockdown; and routines and life being slower and easier to manage:

– More quality family time.
– Increased community spirit between places and people.
– Time to learn new skills and activities such as baking, cooking, games and reading.

The children provided some honest and compassionate solutions to build forward better post coronavirus including:

– Human rights.
– Equality.
– Climate justice.
– Digital inclusion.
– Building connections and communities.

The full slides from the above responses can be found in the slideshow below.


At Corra, we believe every voice matters.  When people are heard, power shifts towards them and they can help create the change that matters to them.

If you want to join in on the conversation and you feel your voice is not being heard, please contact and we can have a chat.

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