Imagine a world: A story by Rabbia

By 29th June 2020 Community Stories

We are very grateful to Rabbia for sharing her story with Corra and joining in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation.

An image of the park we do our family daily walks. It’s the highlight of our day.

My neighbourhood
As the lockdown starts to ease, I can’t help but think of what we have learnt over the last 13 weeks or so.

What does this mean for us moving forward? I have seen first hand how everyone has come together. Making Whatsapp groups to help each other, taking it in turns to get groceries for the people that were shielding, or even making a collection for the guy that lost this job due to the pandemic. This is just on my street; there will be thousands just like it. The list goes on, on how we have come together, as a community.

It’s a little sad that it took something invisible to bring us together, for us to stop and think about who we live with and around.

But what if….
The gratitude for the lady at the check out or the men that take the bin away, doesn’t just end when things go back to ‘normal’?

The emotionally charged claps that took place every Thursday evenings for the NHS, are not just forgotten, but instead we raise a voice for better pay and standards?

We start to shop more local and support small businesses?

More specialised help and grants were already in a structure to support the sustainability of small businesses and enable them to grow?

Our town centres supported these local businesses, and rents and rates weren’t sky high, so only big corporate businesses could afford them?

Imagine a world where it doesn’t take a lockdown for us to appreciate the so called ‘unskilled migrants’  and others who have held our country together? Who weren’t allowed to work from home like the rest of us?

Kindness Matters
What if we don’t forget to use our voice for good?
What if we use this to become better and kinder?

This is our chance to Build Forward Better.

Thank you Rabbia for sharing your experience and thoughts of lockdown and the future with Corra.  We are so grateful for voices like yours.

At Corra, we believe every voice matters.  When people are heard, power shifts towards them and they can help create the change that matters to them.  If you want to join in on the conversation and you feel your voice is not being heard, please contact and we can have a chat.

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