Superheroes vs Covid-19

By 23rd June 2020 Community Stories

In collaboration with SCOREscotland, Corra recently helped facilitate two sessions with SCOREscotland’s Knots and Crosses Children’s Club (KCCC) for 7-10 year old.  14 Superhero children Assembled for the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation.

Adriana and Isabel, two of SCOREscotlands’ Youth workers helped plan the online session, where the children were invited to attend dressed as Superheroes.  We had a great chat with our Superheroes.  Here’s an insight to what they had to say.

Lockdown thoughts

The children told us they have been very bored at home and nearly everyone is looking forward to going back to school!

Remaining connected with the outside world has been very important for our Superheroes. Being online has helped children maintain important social connections.  As well as school, some of the children have continued their learning through social and cultural groups such as attending Mosque and Church virtually. This has helped maintain their friendship groups and other forms of education outwith school.

SCOREscotland is a partner of Wester Hailes Connects; a collaborative digital inclusion project.  They have been working hard to ensure households have adequate access to the internet and suitable devices to connect to much needed resources and services, especially during covid-19.

Superhero Creatives
The Superheroes have been getting creative to combat boredom.

Rocking on

Some of the children were anxious about the future after lockdown including the transition from primary school to secondary school.  The return to school was also a worry and some of the children were still unsure whether they were returning to school after the summer holidays.

Wee voices: Build Forward Better
We all know that children and young people can change the world. The superheroes had lots of ideas on how we can #BuildForwardBetter through social action.  The Superheroes had a strong awareness of social justice issues and solutions to global issues from fixing climate change to promoting racial equality…. as well as some very defined political ideas.

Kindness was a strong emerging theme of the discussions.  There was a clear understanding and empathy for people having equal access to basic human rights such as a home, food and water.  The children also showed a deep understanding of the importance of health, well-being and happiness, for a more inclusive and caring world.

We are SUPER grateful to all the INCREDIBLE children that took part and meaningfully contributed to this conversation.  We are WOWed by the wonderful and POWerful ideas and solutions for Scotland, and the world to #BuildForwardBetter.  Thank you also to Adriana and Isabel for your hard work.

Have a look at the comics created by the children during the discussion.


SCOREscotland is a South West Edinburgh anti-racist community organisation promoting social justice and racial equality.

If you want to join in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation and you feel your voice is not being heard, please contact and we can have a chat.

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