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Wester Hailes Watch this Space

Eoghan Howard has lived in Wester Hailes for over 30 years. During this time he has been involved in a variety of local community projects and is currently chairperson of the Wester Hailes Health Agency and Wester Hailes Community Trust.

Eoghan has written a poem reflecting on the here and now, and on a brighter future after Covid-19.

When thinking of how things once were
Or what they might become
It’s worth reflecting for a while
On what the Old World meant for some

One small step back to seize the time
To Plan. To Hope. To Dream.
Both standing still whilst moving on
Towards where better days belong

Dark sunsets may well turn to gold
Where colours shine through black & white
A future, bright, and fresh, and bold
Carved out of where belief comes from

And Giant Steps are what we’ll take
When things are looking up again
Embracing all that life can bring
Just Watch This Space

Eoghan tells us a wee bit about Wester Hailes…
In 2019, the Wester Hailes Community Trust strongly promoted the estate’s 50th anniversary, (which coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first human being walking on the Moon in July 1969), through funding a year long programme of celebratory community events and activities.

This included instigating a new ground based Heritage Panel to be installed in the Westside Plaza/town centre area of Wester Hailes as part of the Trust’s extensive Making Places community consultations on imminent improvements there. This work has unfortunately been deferred during the Covid-19 crisis and the Heritage Panel – entitled “THINGS ARE LOOKING UP” – also potentially takes on another new meaning as a result.

Thus as well as celebrating the shared vision and achievements of the people of Wester Hailes over 50 years and beyond, and linking these to the Moon landing; there is now an opportunity to add a further reference to the individual and collective tenacity of local residents in a time of such current adversity. As co-designer of the new Panel along with well known public artist Nicola Atkinson of Beautiful Materials, (funded via WHALE Arts), Eoghan hopes this new poem will help contribute to that connection.

We are very grateful to Eoghan for sharing his writing to join in with #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation.

At Corra, we believe every voice matters.  When people are heard, power shifts towards them and they can help create the change that matters to them.  If you want to join in on the conversation and you feel your voice is not being heard, please contact and we can have a chat.



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