Corra recognises that coronavirus is having big impact on people, communities and charities throughout Scotland. In many instances, charities and local groups will be even more crucial than ever in providing practical and emotional support and tackling isolation.

Corra will do what we can to help and you can read our coronavirus statement here.

The team are working from home so the easiest way to reach us is by mobile phone or email. Email addresses are on the website (most are but please check first name spelling).

We can also be found on Twitter (@CorraScot) and Facebook, by emailing or by keeping an eye on our website.

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Coronavirus Funding

Funders in Scotland are all talking and working together to try and work out how best they can help. In the first instance, most funders are offering flexibility to those they already fund so that money can be used in whatever way is most helpful right now.

Find out about funding

Community Stories

Corra believes that when people speak out about things that matter to them, they can make real change happen. Corra will be collecting stories to understand, how the coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s lives, how communities have responded and supported each other and what needs to change if we want to ‘build back better’.

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Learning and reflections

Click here to read news and blogs reflecting on the Coronavirus pandemic, community responses and what lessons can be learned to ensure there’s a collaborative response to tackle challenges and create lasting positive change.

Click here to read the learning and reflections