Supporting other funders

Over the years, Corra Foundation has gathered significant grant-making skills and expertise. We are committed to sharing this with others.

We do this by offering delivery and support services to our fellow grant-makers, or to people developing new grant-making programmes.  The services we can offer include:

  Ad hoc and occasional work such as developing grant-management systems, devising proportionate application procedures, or delivering health checks or audits.

  Short-term or interim services, such as maternity leave cover or providing additional assessment capacity to clear bottlenecks.

  Longer-term support such as overseeing or managing aspects of grant-making on behalf of another funder, including local authorities and the Scottish Government.

Before rebranding as the Corra Foundation, we provided these contract services through our social enterprise arm, Fortify CIC. Fortify is run by Corra with a commitment to reinvesting any surplus for the benefit of the voluntary sector.

The 2017 Change Convention was funded by Fortify CIC

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