The Children, Young People, Families, Early Intervention and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund

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About the Children, Young People, Families, Early Intervention and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund

Corra Foundation is working in partnership with the Scottish Government to administer and manage the Children, Young People and Families Early Intervention Fund and Adult Learning and Empowering Communities Fund (CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund).

The CYPFEIF aspect of the Fund aims to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. The key components of the CYPFEIF Fund are:

  • Promote the GIRFEC wellbeing indicators and the implementation of the UNCRC.
  • Delivery of prevention and early intervention activities.
  • Improving parenting capacity and family support.

The ALEC element of the Fund supports third sector organisations to deliver outcomes that improve opportunities for adult learning and building community capacity. The primary objectives of the ALEC fund are:

  • Prevention and Early Intervention through adult learning and community capacity building.
  • Supporting the delivery of lifelong, learner-centred adult learning as outlined in the Adult Learning in Scotland Statement of Ambition.
  • Using asset based approaches to work with adult learners or with communities to plan and co-design learning or capacity building opportunities.

Core Funding awards were first announced by the Scottish Government in December 2015, with £14 million allocated to third sector organisations. An additional announcement was made in December 2017 to confirm the core funding awards for 2018/2019. To view the organisations being supported through the CYPFEIF & ALEC Core Fund 2018/19 click here.

Further to this, the Scottish Government announced an additional £2 million in Project Funding. In December 2016 the Scottish Government announced that 30 projects aiming to improve the lives of children, young people and families have been awarded project funding. To read the full Scottish Government announcement relating to the 2017/18 core funding awards and the project fund click here. The full list of organisations receiving funding through the CYPFEIF & ALEC Project Fund is available here.

Core Funding

Through the CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund the Scottish Government has awarded £14 million in 2016-17 to 118 organisations that aim to support children, families and communities across Scotland. The core funding will run from March 2016 – March 2019.

Working in partnership with the Scottish Government, Corra Foundation administer the CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund and support the funded organisations with the delivery of their work. To ensure links between on the ground practice and policy developments all core funded organisations have a lead policy contact within the Scottish Government or Education Scotland.

The work supported through the CYPFEIF and ALEC Fund aligns with Scottish Government priorities across nine different policy areas.

Click here to view all the core and infrastructure CYPFEIF & ALEC funded organisations.

Organisations in receipt of core and infrastructure funding have the opportunity to engage in the Support and Engagement Programme.  The programme offers a range of activities that aim to share learning and resources, promote joint working opportunities and build organisational capacity.

Click here to view Scottish Government’s news article on the year three funding awards.

In June 2017 we carried out a customer satisfaction survey with the core funded organisations, to view a summary of the survey responses Click here


Core and infrastructure funded organisations report on their progress at quarterly intervals. These reports are shared with the organisation’s lead policy officer in the Scottish Government or Education Scotland. The quarterly reports allow funded organisations to highlight key milestones and achievements as well share organisational developments, case studies and opportunities for ministerial visits.

For any specific questions about reporting please contact a member of the Foundation’s CYPFEIF & ALEC team at

You can read the full report on the first year of the fund here.

Support and Engagement Programme

Throughout the 3-year CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund, organisations receiving core and infrastructure funding will have the opportunity to engage in our Support and Engagement Programme. This programme will include a number of activities and will aim to support organisations and their staff team to deliver their work successfully, make a positive difference to those they work with and support and also strengthen the Third Sector to increase the effectiveness of services and policies that prioritise prevention and early intervention.

As a grant-making organisation, Corra Foundation works hard to deliver more than just funding support to organisations and their staff team. Following this approach to capacity building through the CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund, we will give organisations the opportunity to engage in and receive support beyond their Core Fund award over the 3-year period.

This programme will include an annual conference, a series of learning and development workshops, 1-2-1 organisational support, networking and learning exchange sessions, and information and resource sharing. There will also be links to other sources of support, including local and national provision.

To view the Support and Engagement Programme for 2017-18 click here

Our 2018 annual conference will be taking place on the 15th March at the John McIntyre Centre in Edinburgh. This year’s theme is Evidencing Your Impact. To view the full agenda and see our exciting line up of speakers, please click here. 

To view the CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund timeline of activity for 2017-2018 please click here

We also run an annual conference for the fund each year.  To see our Storify from last year’s conference please click here

Project Funding

30 projects aiming to improve the lives of children, young people and families in Scotland have been awarded project funding. These projects will be delivered between April 2017 and March 2019. To view the full list of organisations receiving Project Funding through the CYFEIF & ALEC Project Fund 2017-19 click here.

The Project Funding focusses on the following four key areas of early intervention and prevention:

For further information about the Project Fund please contact the Foundation’s CYPFEIF & ALEC team:

Further Support and Other Funding Sources

There is a range of support available to third sector organisations, including business support, learning and development programmes and funding sources. We’ve listed some of these suppliers and agencies from across Scotland and the UK under the following areas:

  • Funding Sources and Funding Support
  • Business Support & Capacity Building
  • General Support and Guidance

To view details of organisations providing support in these areas, click here.


Evaluation Support Scotland:

  1. Setting Outcomes
  2. Developing a Logical Model
  3. Developing and Using Indicators
  4. More tools, resources and Support Guides on Monitoring and Evaluation are available here.

Improvement Methodology:

Using the Model for Improvement

Education Scotland:

How good is our third sector organisation?

Evidencing the Impact – Learning Link Scotland and Education Scotland

Building Unrestricted Reserves Workshop:

To view the presentation slides from our recent Building Unrestricted Reserves workshop click here, and for the presentation by Iain Forbes of Scottish Mentoring Network please click here.


Working with Trusts and Foundations 

Deputy Chief Executive of the Corra Foundation, Carolyn Sawer discusses how to build relationships with trusts and foundations, as well as providing guidance on finding and approaching funders.

To listen to the Working with Trusts and Foundations Webinar please click here.

Improvement Methodology

Improvement Methodology is a framework to help organisations plan, development and improve their work. We hosted an introduction to this methodology to help organisations consider how this might support their project and its impact.

To access the Improvement Methodology webinar, click here: Introduction to Improvement Methodology, 12 August – Webinar Recording

Outcomes and Indicators

Developing outcomes and indicators is a vital consideration when planning potential pieces of work. This session looks at how organisations can develop outcomes and indicators as part of their project.

The webinar is available here: Understanding Outcomes and Indicators, 16 August – Webinar Recording 

Children’s Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

This webinar aims to raise awareness of the UNCRC for organisations and their staff as part of their CYPFEIF & ALEC Fund work. Click here to listen to the UNCRC webinar and Click here to access the presentation slides: Raising Awareness of the UNCRC


Resources on Children’s Rights:


Click here to view the frequently asked questions relating to the CYPFEIF & ALEC fund.