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About the Housing First Scotland Fund 2018-2020

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Social Bite, in partnership with Corra Foundation and The Homeless Network (GHN), have launched The Housing First Scotland Fund, which will be one of the largest programmes of its kind in the UK. The Programme aims to bring hundreds of people sleeping rough and those caught in the homeless system into secure and supported long-term tenancies.

Housing First means that home is the best foundation from which to address any other challenges or disadvantages people face. It means safety and security, and a fresh opportunity for people to build and live their lives as part of a community. It means leaving behind homelessness for good – the system, the experience, and the label.

The success of this Programme will depend on the very best support being provided by the very best support workers. With a very small caseload, the Housing First approach will be personalised and persistent, flexible and asset-based – getting right alongside people to help them make their house a home.

The Housing First Scotland Fund will enable the delivery of the Housing First model in five Local Authority areas: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling and Dundee over a two-year period between August 2018 and July 2020. Housing has been pledged in each of these areas to enable the programme to operate.

As well as Social Bite’s commitment, The Housing First Scotland Fund is supported through funding from the Merchants House Glasgow.

Grant Funding

The Housing First Scotland Fund is inviting bids from organisations in each of the five cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling and Dundee) to provide programmes of ‘wrap-around’ support for Housing First participants. To provide the required breadth of support, providers in each area are encouraged to work together to develop a consortium.  Organisations interested in applying should first read the Housing First background Information and Criteria document before completing an application form and budget.

The closing date for applications to the Housing First Scotland Fund is 2pm on Tuesday 10th July.

A full timetable for the application and decision-making process is given below.

Launch of Housing First Programme Closing date for applications Period for review of applications Announcement of funding Programme delivery to start

12 June 2018


10 July 2018

11 – 24 July 2018 Tuesday

31 July 2018


13 August 2018


Any questions regarding the application process should be addressed to Tom Baughan, Grants Advisor, Corra Foundation

07597 370 363

Application Materials


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