Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund

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Humanitarian Emergency Fund

Please note: this call is now closed.

The Scottish Government has established the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) to respond to humanitarian crises across the globe. The Fund will be split equally into two funding streams:

  1. Emergencies which lead to a DEC Appeal being triggered; and
  2. Emergencies that do not lead to the trigger of a DEC Appeal

There will be a phased availability of funds and limits on how much is allocated to each emergency to ensure that funds are available throughout the year.

An expert panel, made up of 8-10 leading humanitarian aid organisations in Scotland with expertise in responding to emergencies, will be appointed to advise on and access the fund.

Applications are now invited from potential panel members.  Applications must be made using the relevant application form and evidence provided to show that all aspects of the published criteria have been met.  The panel membership applications will be assessed against the criteria in addition to undergoing a full ‘due diligence’ check.  This assessment process will be carried out by Corra Foundation.