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About Scottish Government International Development Small Grants Programme

In 2013 the Scottish Government launched a pilot of the international development Small Grants Programme, which is specifically designed to support the work of small international NGOs in Scotland, many which may not be in a position to access funding through the Scottish Government’s larger mainstream funding rounds. The Programme aims to help grow the international development sector in Scotland whilst enabling them to support and develop some of the world’s most vulnerable communities through local partners. Grants of up to £60,000 are made available for projects lasting up to three years, and £10,000 for feasibility studies and capacity building work lasting up to one year.

The Small Grants Programme is reviewed annually and has continued beyond the initial pilot.  The programme now supports a range of projects and activities.

Applications are now invited for the 2018 Small Grants Programme and potential applicants are asked to read the criteria document and guidance notes prior to making an application.

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Background Information and Criteria for the Scottish Government International Development Small Grants Programme 2018 is now available and should be read carefully prioir to making an application. International Small Grants Criteria 2018.

How to apply

How to apply

Applications for the 2018 Scottish Government International Small Grants Programme are now open, with a closing date of 13th November 2017.  All applications which meet criteria will be assessed by Corra Foundation. The Scottish Government will announce the awards in March 2018.

Applications must be submitted on the relevant application form and applicants are encouraged to read the criteria and guidance notes prior to applying.

Please scroll down to access the application pack for application forms, guidance and criteria.

If you have any questions about the programme that are not addressed in the criteria document, guidance notes or FAQs please get in touch by emailing:

Information sessions and useful contacts

An International Small Grants Programme information session will be held in Edinburgh on the 10th October 2017 from 10am – 12.30pm (registration from 9.30am) at the City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, Nicolson Square, Edinburgh.


If you are interested in attending, please email the Corra Foundation

Scotland’s International Development Alliance (formerly NIDOS) and Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) both provide information and support for international development organisations. Their contact details are:

Scotland’s International Development Alliance 0131 281 0897

Scotland Malawi Partnership (for organisations with an interest in Malawi):

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Guidance Notes 2018

Feasibility Study Application 2018

Feasibility Budget sheet

Capacity Building

Capacity Building Guidance notes 2018

Capacity Building Grant Application 2018

Capacity Building Budget sheet

Project Grant

Project Grant Guidance Notes 2018

Project Grant Application 2018

Project Grant Budgetsheet


International Small Grants Criteria 2018

Closing date for applicationsResults communicatedFunding announcementsProjects start
13th November 2017February 2018February 2018April 2018

Information for Current Grantholders

Reporting Arrangements

A condition of the grant is that the Grantee shall keep the Scottish Ministers, via Corra Foundation, fully informed of the progress of the project. The requirement is to provide:

  • An interim progress report at Mid Financial Year: due in October (covering April – September)
  • An annual progress report at the end of the Financial Year: due April
  • And for Project grants, a final end of grant report.

The reports should include details of actual expenditure to date compared with the expenditure detailed within the original application form; details of the progress made in relation to achieving the outcomes as described within the application form; and information regarding the progress of the workplan.

The templates, which must be used for reporting purposes, are available to download here. The templates include guidance notes.

Interim progress report template

Project Grants templates

Project grant end of year report template

Project Grant evaluation additional guidance

Budget spreadsheet Project Grant

Feasibility and Capacity Building Grant templates

Feasibility Study end of year report template

Capacity Building end of year report template

Budget spreadsheet – Feasibility or Capacity Building

Changes to Grants

We appreciate that things can change throughout the duration of a project however it is important that you keep the Foundation informed of any significant changes promptly and not wait until the next reporting period. Some changes can be approved by the Foundation but major revisions may be subject to the written agreement of the Scottish Ministers, via Corra Foundation.

In particular, any budget variances should be reported to the Foundation as soon as possible.


Please click on the following link to download the International Development Small Grants 2018 Q&A, listed in order of:

  • General Eligibility Criteria
  • Partnerships
  • Application Criteria
  • Project Costings

Click the links below for slides from our info days