Tips for any grant applications



  • If you can, book a funding advice appointment before you start the application form.
  • Keep it simple – be concise and direct, avoid jargon.
  • Acronyms – assume that we won’t know what they mean.
  • Facts and figures can be powerful.
  • Focus your application on work or activities with people who are affected by disadvantage.
  • Tell us about the difference our support will make to people.
  • Always provide a detailed breakdown of costs and make sure your figures add up.
  • Tell us about other fundraising – we are particularly interested to know about approaches to other charitable trusts as well as local community fundraising. You should include projected fee income.
  • Remember to include the necessary enclosures: job descriptions, signed accounts, bank statement and progress report (for current grant holders).
  • Please only email or send additional documents that you feel are absolutely necessary. Please use your judgement – it is unlikely that time will allow for reading of a 200 page business plan.
  • It is often useful for us to see a case study and this can be included in the ‘additional information’ section.
  • If you have not already provided one, be sure to enclose a progress report in relation to any previous grant from the foundation.
  • Keep a copy of your application (useful to refer back to when assessment takes place)


Online Application Tips:

Here are some tips for using any online grant application system:

  • Do not press the back arrow on browser bar as it will take you out of your application.
  • To save a draft click the ‘Save my progress’ box, found at the top of the application. nter your email address and create a password to then save your application form. You can then resume it later.
  • Some of the boxes have word limits and these will appear on the form to show you how many words you have remaining in that box
  • Before sending your final application, go back and check every box.
  • Make sure you have actually sent the application by the closing date
  • You can send your final application before the closing date if it is ready. This lets us start the assessment process.
  • If you feel that there are other tips that would be useful for people to know, please email us and we can share them.