The Equity Programme

This programme is working alongside Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities in Scotland affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This is in response to the way in which the pandemic has highlighted and worsened deep rooted health, social and economic inequalities that people from Black Asian, and minority ethnic Communities experience. Please note – this is not an open grants programme.

The work began on the initiative of Stewart Investors, who donated £150,000 to Corra Foundation to be distributed to communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We hope that The Equity Programme will not only have an immediate impact on people and communities through providing emergency funding, but that it will have a lasting effect.

We are committed to share learning and will draw on insights from:

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities that the team worked alongside. We’ll explore what was helpful, what worked well and what could be improved on.
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic networks. We’ll work closely with, and in support of partners, learning from them to improve our understanding and approach.
  • The reflections of Corra’s team. We’ll think about how usual grant making processes and methods were adapted to be more effective and inclusive.

There are two phases to this work:

Phase one: Pro-active grant making
To deal with the immediate effects of coronavirus:

  • £50,000 has been distributed to 30 groups and organisations led by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities.
  • These groups are known to Corra or through existing networks and were identified to be able to use funds immediately to support people and communities.
  • Funding has been used to provide:
    • Culturally appropriate food
    • Emergency essential supplies (toiletries, child and baby care items, PPE)
    • Befriending and support for those who are socially isolated
    • Digital inclusion
    • Skills building and employability support

Phase two: Community Led Grant making
In this phase, Corra is using its experience and learning in participatory grant making to work directly with people and communities from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds.  Together, we are developing a new community led grant making programme which is distributing £100,000 in ways that are designed, decided and led by the communities we are working with.  This puts communities right at the heart of decision making and they will decide how and where funds should be spent based on their needs.

Support will be available every step of the way, including:

  • Language support
  • One to one and group support
  • Capacity building
  • Confidence building skills
  • Financial assistance
  • Other needs identified by communities

This phase of the programme is informed by key themes identified through the pro-active grant making and Corra’s existing work in the communities. The programme is working alongside five communities/community-led themes:

  • Roma and Romanian community – partnering with Fife Migrant’s Forum
  • Mohila Ogrojatra group – a Bengali women’s group
  • Young People of Colour – partnering with Intercultural Youth Scotland
  • Men and Mental Health & Women and Mental Health – partnering with Minority Communities Addiction Support Service (MCASS)
  • Culturally appropriate counselling – supporting the work of BEMIS

The Equity Programme is being developed by Corra, supported by Stewart Investors.  This work involves staff within Corra, including Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues; and supported by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic networks.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Corra is committed to DEI and anti-racism and will continue to share progress, actions and learning over on its dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.  Here you can read Corra’s:


Exploring Racial Equity in Grantmaking

5th September 2022


Here are the community videos that were shared at our recent event on racial equity in grantmaking.

Mohila Ogrojatra

Minority Communities Addiction Support Services (MCASS)