The Promise Partnership

On 5th February 2020, the Independent Care Review published its vision for Scotland. Now that vision must become a reality. The Promise is working across sectors to drive the change that is needed to ensure that Scotland #KeepsThePromise made to care experienced children, young people and their families. Learn more about The Promise.

The Promise Partnership was an investment of £4m from Scottish Government intended to deliver change in line with Scotland’s commitment to creating capacity in the care system to #KeepThePromise and provide holistic family support.

Corra Foundation administered The Promise Partnership on behalf of the Scottish Government. The Promise Partnership Advisory Group (details below) helped to shape the process and the Decision Makers Panel, a group with lived experience of Scotland’s care system, assisted in the final funding decisions. Thank you to those involved.


Open Call Route

The Open Call Route is now closed. Please find full list of awards below.

Approximately £3m of this investment was administered as a catalyst for change through an open call route. Funding of up to £50,000 was allocated to help organisations create capacity, adapt approaches and work towards cultural shifts and collaboration across the care system‘, reflecting what is important to care experienced children, young people and families.

Applications open: Monday 1st February 2021.

Closing date: 12 noon on Monday 1st March 2021.

Decisions week commencing 29th March 2021.


Diagnostic Route

Please find full list of awards below.

£915,000 was allocated to help drive forward big ideas that will #KeepThePromise and contribute to the Change Plan. This was an invite only application process – the process of identifying potential organisations for invitation took into account scalability, transferability, connectivity of ideas and having made a commitment to #KeepThePromise.

Open Call Route Awards List

Organisation, grant amount and Local Authority area:

Organisation Name  Grant Amount Total Local Authority
Aberdeen City Council £50,000 Aberdeen City
Aberdeenshire Council £50,000 Aberdeenshire
Aberlour £50,000 Scotland-wide
Action for Children £50,000 Scotland-wide
Adoption and Fostering Alliance (AFA) Scotland £25,000 Scotland-wide
Adoption UK Charity £42,000 Scotland-wide
Argyll & Bute Council £50,000 Argyll & Bute
Articulate Cultural Trust £50,000 East Renfrewshire
Avenue Confidential £50,000 Aberdeen City
Barnardos £50,000 Scotland-wide
Children 1st £50,000 Scotland-wide
Children and Families Social Work Services, Dumfries and Galloway Council £50,000 Dumfries & Galloway
Church of Scotland Social Care Council (CrossReach) £50,000 Scotland-wide
Circle £20,000 Edinburgh City
Clackmannanshire Council £50,000 Clackmannanshire
Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar £50,000 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles)
Community Law Advice Network £50,000 Scotland-wide
Community Volunteers Enabling Youth Project (COVEY) £50,000 South Lanarkshire
Cyrenians £50,000 Edinburgh City
Dean and Cauvin Young People’s Trust £40,000 Edinburgh City
East Ayrshire Council £50,000 East Ayrshire
East Dunbartonshire Council £50,000 East Dunbartonshire
East Lothian Council £50,000 East Lothian
East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership £50,000 East Renfrewshire
Educating Through Care Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide
Falkirk Children’s Commission £50,000 Falkirk
FCA Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide
Foster Care Connect £41,000 Scotland-wide
Fostering People Scotland £30,000 Aberdeen City
Glenboig Development Trust £35,000 North Lanarkshire
Harmeny Education Trust Limited £50,000 Scotland-wide
Home-Start UK £50,000 Scotland-wide
HUB for SUCCESS £50,000 Edinburgh City
Includem £50,000 Glasgow City
Inspiring Scotland £40,000 Scotland-wide
Inverclyde HSCP £50,000 Inverclyde
JMT Fostering £25,000 Scotland-wide
Kibble Education and Care Centre £50,000 Renfrewshire
Moore House Group £20,000 Scotland-wide
Moray Council £50,000 Moray
North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership £50,000 North Ayrshire
North Lanarkshire Council £50,000 North Lanarkshire
Orkney Islands Council £50,000 Orkney Islands
ProjectChange £30,000 Edinburgh City
Quarriers £50,000 Scotland-wide
Renfrewshire Council £50,000 Renfrewshire
Resilience Learning Partnership £50,000 Clackmannanshire
Rossie £50,000 Angus
Safe Families £50,000 Edinburgh City
Scottish Adoption Association £25,000 Edinburgh City
Scottish Attachment in Action £15,000 Scotland-wide
Scottish Borders Council £50,000 Scottish Borders
Scottish Mentoring Network £30,000 Scotland-wide
SIC £50,000 Shetland Islands
South Ayrshire Council £50,000 South Ayrshire
St Margarets Children and Family Care Society £50,000 Glasgow City
Staf £50,000 Glasgow City
Stirling Council £50,000 Stirling
The Fostering Network in Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide
The Good Shepherd Centre £50,000 Renfrewshire
Volunteering Matters £50,000 Edinburgh City
West Dunbartonshire HSCP £50,000 West Dunbartonshire
West Lothian £50,000 West Lothain
Who Cares? Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide
YMCA Edinburgh SCIO £10,000 Edinburgh City
Young Scot £16,000 Scotland-wide
Ypeople £50,000 Scotland-wide

Diagnostic Route Awards List

Organisation and grant amount:

Aberlour Scotland-wide


Dundee City Council £200,000


Inverclyde HSCP £200,000


Fife Council £ 200,000


Shetland Islands Council £140,000


Important Pointers

The Promise Partnership Open Call Route is now closed.

Who can apply? Applications can be received from public/private/third sector organisations throughout the care system from across Scotland.

You will also need to ensure that your:

  • Organisation or local authority has made a public commitment to #KeepThePromise
  • Organisation is looking at how it embeds #KeepThePromise and wider family support in its strategies and plans.

We can only accept one application per organisation. We are unable to accept applications that are from:

  • Individuals.
  • Propositions delivering outside Scotland.
  • One organisation applying on behalf of another.

Are there any restrictions to the private sector applying? The private sector is eligible to apply for investment, they will need to meet the ‘Are You Ready?’ Checklist and similar to all organisations must demonstrate that they are unable to implement or invest in changes themselves.

We are a local authority are we able to apply? Yes the criteria and process is the same for any organisation through the open call route.

As a federated charity, can the central team apply as well as the individual charities? There’s nothing to stop federated charities from applying if they have their own Board of Trustees, their own set of audited accounts and a charity number. You will need to specify if you’re trying to shift things within an organisational or federational culture and how you would co-ordinate plans.

What do we mean by commitment to The Promise? Organisations or Local Authorities have signed up to #KeepThePromise, which you can find on The Promise website. Organisations have referred to The Promise through their own communications, on their websites or social media. Most importantly, we are looking at how organisations are already looking to include #KeepThePromise this within their strategy.

What can be funded? This investment is about infrastructure change, which can include rethinking your services, but it is not a fund for ongoing or new service delivery. This is about organisations being able to take stock and look at their internal practices and what they need to do prior to developing service delivery.

The Promise Partnership investment is flexible, but we expect the recipient to use funds that will enable them to drive forward or implement system change plans in-line with The Promise. This could include:

  • back filling posts.
  • salary costs.
  • capacity building costs.
  • additional expenses for individuals e.g., travel/individual training budget.

Does an organisation have to employ an Implementation Manager or can this fall within an existing employee’s remit? As part of the application, we ask organisations to show that they have considered who the implementation leader will be – the key person who will connect with The Promise and Promise Partnership teams and co-ordinate the shifts and changes internally. It can be an existing or a new staff member depending on what organisations need to take forward these changes. If it’s an existing staff member, we would be looking at how their role is going to change and how it’s focused on taking forward organisational shifts.

Our organisation has already committed monies to implementing The Promise – are we still eligible? It is fantastic to hear that many organisations are already committing resources to this work and you may still be eligible to apply to the fund. However, the Open Call is specifically targeted at organisations who have identified what they need next, but do not have the available financial resources to help move things forward.

All organisation committed to #KeepThePromise will still be able to learn and connect with The Promise on implementing the plan.

As part of our checks we will ask and review organisations financial positions.  For example, if an organisation has large reserves, we would like to know why reserves cannot be used to fund this change.

Is your organisation ready to apply? The ‘Are You Ready?’ Checklist is used to determine if your organisation is eligible  to apply to The Promise Partnership.

The application includes a self-assessment to help us understand where you are on a journey of change within your organisation in relation to #KeepThePromise. We ask you to answer honestly and provide evidence to support your answers. We are specifically looking to find out:

  • What you are delivering/have delivered in relation to #KeepThePromise
  • Your organisation’s commitment/plan to #KeepThePromise
  • What you are looking to do to make the necessary shifts

Is there a time limit as to when the funds have to be spent by and to when the outcomes have to be achieved? We’re looking for people to start the work when the grant offer is made and carry out this work over the next 12 months. In terms of sustainability, it is about embedding changes within your organisation, thinking what kind of activities or changes you need to implement now that will enable sustained shifts or practices.

How will applications be assessed and how will final decisions be made? All applications will be presented to the Decision Makers Panel who will be guided by a set of funding principles. The Decision Makers Panel, a group with lived experience of Scotland’s care system, will assist in the final funding decisions. All decision makers will be supported by Corra staff, who will provide guidance and support to help them make transparent and robust investment decisions.

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed, and feedback provided.

What do we mean by Family Support? Whole family support services will be a priority for The Promise, with a focus on what support works to keep families together and support wider families to continue to care.  Families facing a variety of challenges must have support that is holistic, coherent and relational.

Families will have a key role in the design of family support services. The family principles are about how children and young people themselves define their families/family structure – which may be different from what we have previously perceived family to be and, therefore, what family support has looked like up to this point.

This work must also look at how children and young people living in the care system return to living with their families if that is what they want and it is safe to do so. Local service providers know and understand the importance of doing everything to keep families together safely.

Though this is a priority, if you work with care experienced young people outwith a family context, you may still be eligible to apply.

Advisory Group

The Promise Partnership Advisory Group has been integral to shaping this process. Thank you to those involved, including:

Nicky Campbell, Kibble

Lynn Gillies, Fife Council

Joanne Glennie, Ypeople

Carly Glover, Jersey Cares

Marie Clare Tully, Columba 1400

Vicky Wan, Children In Scotland

Alan Webb, Home-Start

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