Carluke Day Centre is bigger and better

By 12th July 2013 April 11th, 2019 News

Local retired people who are involved with Carluke Day Centre for the Elderly will notice a change as the group has secured funding to use a bigger hall, so there is lots more room. The £875 to cover the hall rental is coming from Corra Foundation and is part of almost £200,000 of funding that has been awarded to 48 charities for work across Scotland.

Mary Gilchrist, Treasurer, said: “This may not seem like a huge amount of money, but it makes a massive difference to us. Knowing that we can pay the rent on a bigger and better hall lets us get on with organising activities for retired people in the area for the whole year. From dancing to outings and prize bingo where people win groceries, we have a whole range of things on offer to help the 130 people involved join in and feel younger. We have a really wide age range, with some people getting involved in their fifties and quite a few who are now in their nineties. In the past we’ve struggled in the winter as the room we used was cold, but the hall we’re able to use now is much warmer so it will be much more comfortable for everyone.”

Mary Craig OBE, Chief Executive of Corra Foundation, said: “This award will help provide a really valuable service for retired people in Carluke. Having basic costs covered makes an enormous difference to charities, and this is a great example of the impact of the funding being so much .greater than its pure monetary value. Carluke Day Centre for the Elderly has had two other awards from us in the past which have also covered the costs of hall rental, and it is great to be able to continue to support its work. We’re interested in hearing from other charities that are working to make life better for people who are disadvantaged, and the next closing dates for applications are 15th July and 16th September.”

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