Tender opportunity: Community storytelling

By 17th August 2022 News

Since 2015 Corra has been delivering People in Place working alongside communities, supporting local people to connect, collaborate on ideas, and take action to create positive change.

We are looking for skilled, creative storyteller(s) who will work alongside community

It is important that community members are able to tell their story their local area, what it means to them, what is being achieved, and what their aspirations are.

We are looking for creative approaches to the storytelling where people identify the best way to tell their story. It is critical that both community members and Community Co-ordinators are participating in the telling, curation and design of the stories.

Corra is looking to appoint an organisation/person skilled in actively listening, facilitation and storytelling and is particularly experienced in working with diverse groups of individuals.

Please read the brief for more information about the proposed approach and timescales.

All proposals must be completed electronically to hello@corra.scot by 5pm on Friday 30

Please contact elaine@corra.scot if you have any questions in relation to this work

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