Corra’s response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report

By 6th April 2021 News

Following the release of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report on 31 March 2021, Corra like many others is disappointed in the findings of the report. Many of its conclusions do not reflect wider evidence, and importantly are at odds with the reality described by many Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and communities.

Corra would like to reaffirm its commitment to tackling racial injustice. This begins by continuing to listen to those with a lived reality of experiencing racism and understanding the evidence that shows that institutional racism exists and is embedded in the structures and systems that make up society. We’re hearing, and understanding loud and clear the anger and exhaustion that comes from having to repeatedly justify the idea that racism exists.

In tackling racial inequality, Corra will continue to:

  • Listen to, and learn from, people and communities with lived experience of racism and expertise in anti-racism.
  • Get alongside Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and organisations to help amplify voices, and to co-design programmes to address racial inequity, together.
  • Examine Corra’s approach and processes through an anti-racism, and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) lens and make changes.
  • This includes removing barriers and adopting proactive approaches to ensure funding reaches, and supports diverse communities.
  • Work alongside other funders and partners to use our influence to promote, resource and support racial justice work, some of which we’ve already started including The Equity Programme.

Corra is committed to transparency and will be providing updates over on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.

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