John Smith Minority Ethnic Emerging Leaders Programme: Meet Ania

By 18th May 2022 News
A photograph of Ania who is Corra's intern

About me 

Born and raised in Poland, I arrived in Scotland five years ago and started this new chapter of my life as a migrant. At first, I worked as a support worker with disabled people which taught me a lot about communication and organising, but most importantly about the value of trying to understand the life and experience of someone different from me.  

I have a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. 


About the Emerging Leaders  Programme 

I am happy to be a part of the first edition of the John Smith Minority Ethnic Emerging Leaders Programmes. It is funded by the Scottish Government and organised by the John Smith Centre of the Glasgow University as a nine month paid internship programme.  

The main aim is for fifty young people from different minority ethnic backgrounds from all over Scotland to gain experience both professionally and personally in different public service organisations. 

It is meant as a practical response to the Black Life Matters movement and an acknowledgment that society needs more diversity at all levels. It is also a tool to explore what leadership means to people and organisations.  


About my time in Corra 

Without any previous experience in funding organisations, I joined the Policy and Communications Team at Corra and quickly started realising how different and interesting its perspective is.  

It gave me a chance to see social issues from a broader perspective and to see how an abstract ideal of a fairer society can be put into practical consideration.  

Currently, what I do varies between helping with everyday admin tasks of the team and getting involved with bigger projects like Ending the need for the foodbank consultation where I made a more accessible version of Corra’s response. I also create the staff newsletter which goes out every two weeks to the team with key updates across the organisation.  

I am looking forward to getting involved in forthcoming projects at Corra like the upcoming on-line event regarding Corra’s anti-racism work within Henry Duncan Grants and Equity Programme.  I’ll also be helping to plan and organise some activities for a community group funded by The Equity Programme. 

I appreciate how Corra is multidimensional, true to its values and really cares! 

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