#LetsChangeThat 2018

#LetsChangeThat 2018

#LetsChangeThat is back for a second year!

If you have an idea that could promote positive change in your community, we want to hear from you!

Enter our competition for a chance to win £1,000 to put your plan into action!

The categories for the competition this year are:

Do you have an idea about how you can create positive change?

Send us a short video entry with your idea and you could win £1,000 to make it happen! Below you will find the three questions to answer in your video entry and information about how to enter the competition.

  • What would you do with the prize money? 

  • Who will be involved? 

  • And how does your idea create positive change? 

Getting involved in #LetsChangeThat 2018…

  1. Create a short video that brings your idea for positive change to life in one of the competition categories (Place – Dumfries & Galloway, Voice, Kindness).

  2. Send a YouTube URL link of your video along with a completed entry form to hello@corra.scot by November 16th. 

  3. When the competition has closed, video entries for each category will be posted on Corra Foundation’s website.

  4. The public will be invited to vote for their favourite video in each category by visiting Corra Foundation’s website.

  5. Videos with the most votes for each category will win £1,000. Winner’s for each category will be announced on social media.

If you are thinking about entering the #LetsChangeThat competition take a look at the following guidance to help you with your entry.

Good luck!


Supported by The Wood Foundation.
Children & Young People using their voices and ideas to create positive change.




Supported by Corra Foundation.
People and communities engaging in Kindness for positive change.




(Dumfries & Galloway) Supported by The Holywood Trust.
Children & Young people coming together to create positive change in Dumfries & Galloway.