Open and Trusting grantmaking

By 18th July 2022 July 19th, 2022 News

Our mission is to make a difference with people and communities, by encouraging positive change, opportunities, fairness and growth of aspirations, which improve lives.  As part of our Ways of Working’ principles we are committed to listening and responding to the people, organisations, and communities we work alongside. This latest report captures what we have heard from applicants and funded organisations and highlights our commitment to continuing to improve the way we work.

In 2021 improvements included:

  • Offering more one-to-one support for applicants.
  • Increasing our reach amongst community-led groups and organisations.

For the third year in a row people who applied to Corra have taken the time to complete our annual customer experience survey. A massive thank you to everyone who has either completed the survey or shared their comments with Corra staff. The thoughtful suggestions made are so important to us. The feedback received supports developments in our processes, including working to ensure accessibility and support is available.

This has been an internal exercise and the first year we have mapped progress made against the commitments we made as part of Open and trusting grant-making (IVAR UK).

We welcome feedback from the people and communities we work alongside that will help us review, refresh our commitments to offer increased equity and flexibility. Read the full Open and Trusting grant-making progress report online.

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