Partnership secures funding to support local children

By 1st November 2012 April 11th, 2019 News, PDI

Local youngsters families in Perth & Kinross will benefit from £185,000 of funding secured jointly by Barnardo’s Scotland and the local authority’s Education and Children’s Services ‘Change Is a Must’ programme. The money is coming from Corra Foundation’s Partnership Drugs Initiative (PDI) and will target support children and young people who are affected by their parents’ substance issuesissues, as well as working with whole families.

Laura Falconer, Children’s Service Manager for Barnardo’s Scotland’s Hopscotch Perth & Kinross Service, said: “Often, families where a parent has issues with drugs or alcohol are can have fairly chaotic lives, and we aim to help children and young people develop the resilience to cope with the challenges of their family life.with no real structure in place. Children find this hard, and it can make it difficult for them to do basic things like get to school or attend medical appointments, and this clearly has some long term effects Parental substance misuse can have long term effects and this funding will help us work in partnership with Change Is a Must to break the cycle of substance misuse in families. This The money will be used over the next three years to reduce the impact of parental substance issues on their children and improve the mental health and well-being of both children and parents. This will be done through a range of individual and group work with children and by setting up a new parent buddy service which will support parents in their recovery. To reach the most vulnerable children and families we will focus on the areas of greatest need across Perth & Kinross. Our Hopscotch programme is working in partnership with the local authority’s Change Is a Must service, andmeans that between us we are able to provide a range of support that can be tailored to the needs of each family.”

The PDI is a partnership between the Foundation and the Scottish Government. Elaine Wilson, PDI Programme Manager, said: “It is great to see strong partnerships delivering work that the individual groups involved would struggle to do by themselves. This means local children have an even better chance of being given the positive chances they deserve, and that’s good for them, their families and the whole community. This is the PDI’s fourth award for Barnardo’s Scotland’s work in Perth & Kinross since 2003, bringing the total support for local youngsters to over £319,000. Across Scotland the total PDI support for Barnardo’s work is over £1,712,000 since 2001.”

These latest awards bring the total funding delivered through the PDI to over £18.6 million since 2000, and the services this has supported have all been aimed at having a positive long term impact on the children and young people involved.

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