Summer boost for Scottish charities

By 21st June 2012 April 11th, 2019 Henry Duncan Grants, News, PDI

Forty eight Scottish charities are celebrating awards totalling more than £660,000 from Corra Foundation. The awards range from £500 to £113,770, and are all aimed at improving the lives of people across Scotland.

Eight awards totalling £491,296 are for work with children and young people from Orkney to the Scottish Borders who are affected by issues around drug and alcohol misuse. This funding is through the Foundation’s Partnership Drugs Initiative which is run in partnership with the Scottish Government.

Forty charities are sharing £169,078 for work in local communities across Scotland through the Foundation’s Henry Duncan Awards. Funding everything from vets’ fees for a Riding for the Disabled Association to helping pay the salaries of 24 employees, these awards are aimed at grassroots charities working in local communities across Scotland.

Mary Craig OBE, Chief Executive of Corra Foundation, said: “Our latest awards fund a wide range of charities, but what is common about them is that without being able to cover their basic costs it is impossible for them to deliver their much needed services. The vast majority of our funding is used to make sure charities are able to keep operating and pay their staff, and we know an award of even a few hundred pounds to help pay running costs can make a big difference. We’re delighted the Foundation’s funding will be used to support such great work across Scotland.”

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