Triple success for Dundee charities

By 16th August 2012 April 11th, 2019 News

Three Dundee charities have secured funding in the latest awards from Corra Foundation. A total of £12,816 will be split between the Brittle Bone Society, Spectrum and St John’s Boomerang, with all three using the funding to help pay for members of staff.

St John’s Boomerang is based in the halls of St John’s Episcopal Church in the heart of Stobswell and also works in the bordering Hilltown area. Among the range of services provided for local people, a lunch club runs five days a week for people over the age of 50. Different classes are also run for the people who attend, helping them have fun and stay active as well as eating properly. This award of £4,000 will help pay the salary of the lunch club organiser.

Spectrum works with local children who have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and provides a daily after school club, a weekly youth club, and a holiday play scheme. While children are involved in these clubs it also means their parents or carers can have a well earned break. Spectrum has been awarded £4,000 to help pay the salary of the part-time play leader.

The final award in Dundee is for the Brittle Bone Society which supports people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a bone disorder which people are born with and that is characterised by fragile bones that break easily. The award of £4,816 will help pay for the salary of the support worker and as well as travel costs.

Mary Craig OBE, Chief Executive of Corra Foundation, said: “We are delighted to be funding these three charities in Dundee. The work they do makes a huge difference to the lives of the people they support, as well as to that of their families. From the work Spectrum does with young families, and the support provided to people of all ages by the Brittle Bone society right through to the lunch club run by St John’s Boomerang, a very wide range of people will benefit from the work these awards will support.”

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