Corra’s Place Team: Update from Fernhill

By 2nd March 2022 News

From March 2022, Corra’s work in Fernhill will begin drawing to a close.  This decision follows a period of deep reflection and deliberation over several months.

Since 2016 Corra has worked alongside local people and partners in Fernhill to support the delivery of community ideas and aspirations, including:

  • The installation of free Wi-Fi provision within Fernhill Community Centre
  • Community design and delivery of a successful Participatory Budgeting process (with matched investment from South Lanarkshire Council)
  • Supporting local community members individually and collectively to build confidence and capacity, including the development of new groups and activities
  • Connecting community-led responses to the pandemic with emergency funding and support

This has taken place alongside efforts to progress key local issues such as access to community space, and to services, as well as building trusting relationships. Corra has learned that these are among the key conditions for our work alongside communities to succeed, and most importantly for communities’ aspirations to be realised. This has been challenging at times, and progress in Fernhill continues to be slower than anyone would have hoped.

Considering these circumstances, and the limitations of Corra’s resources and influence, we have reluctantly decided to draw our work in Fernhill to a close.

To support that process, and draw learning from the work to date, an independent evaluation will be commissioned.

We will also make a legacy investment in Fernhill to support local groups to build their capacity and develop new community activities.

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of Corra’s work in Fernhill, have ideas to share, or suggestions for steps that might support its positive conclusion, please do get in touch.

Gordon McLean will be the main point of contact and can be reached on

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