Dunterlie, East Renfrewshire

A little bit about Dunterlie…

Dunterlie is part of Barrhead, an area which has been inhabited for many hundreds of years. The area has changed over the years- in the 18th Century it was known for its weaving, but with the industrial revolution the area became host to many industries such as metal-working, engineering and laundering. The area of Dunterlie is a recent community, with much of the housing having been built in the 20th Century.

Something you might not know

Inside Dunterlie Resource Centre there is a wall full of postcards which the people of Dunterlie have sent or brought back from their travels far and wide.  Many have messages on them, over the years people have shared stories, a wee snapshot of their holiday. Blackpool is definitely a favourite!

What’s been happening?

We started working in Dunterlie in early May 2017. A lot of our work has been getting to know the community through desk-based research, and most importantly, meeting local people and groups. So far we have been supporting different activities in the area depending on what people are interested in.

How can you get involved?

You can find contact details for the Dunterlie Community Co-ordinator on this page. Please get in touch, as we’re keen to get to know the wider community. You might like to tell us about changes you’d like to bring about, or if you represent a group or organisation, how we could work together.

We asked Laura what one of her favourite things about Dunterlie is so far, and she said…

The people of Dunterlie have been so welcoming, there are lots of people who are passionate about their community in a variety of different ways. I have met people who are willing and able to share their experience and widen their networks to make things happen, I am excited about connecting with more members of the community over the coming weeks and months and turning some amazing ideas in to action!

You can learn a little bit more about Laura here.

Laura is currently on maternity leave. Julie  is the current community co-coordinator for Dunterlie. You can learn a little bit more about Julie here.

Juile Aiken

Community Co-ordinator Contact Details:
Email: Julie@corra.scot
Phone number: 07395830571
Address: Dunterlie Resource Centre
38 Stewart Street
Dunterlie, Barrhead
G78 1AL

For an overview of what’s been happening view Dunterlie Annual Update