Blacklands, Kilwinning

A bit about Blacklands… 
The area now known as Blacklands was previously called the Ironworks, where Eglinton Ironworks became the town’s biggest employer. Many other people in the area were employed in coal mining or hauling of coal and timber to the foundries. These traditional industries have gradually declined. The building where the old “Ironworks Institute” stood is now called Nethermains Community Centre, and Robert Service Court sits upon the site where the Ironworks themselves used to be.

Many people don’t know, but according to one local the building now known as Nethermains Community Centre used to house a bathhouse, where iron workers were encouraged to go for a bath at least once a month.

What’s been happening?

We’ve been in Blacklands since late November 2016. We’ve worked with Blacklands Early Years Centre, the Parent Council for Blacklands Primary, Kilwinning Community Events and a few other groups and individuals to organise community-based activities. We’ve been going on walkabouts to get to know local people, attending local meetings, and doing desk-based research too. There is also a Blacklands Timeline if you’d like to learn more about what’s been happening in the area.

How can you get involved?

You can find contact details for the Blacklands Community Co-ordinator on this page. Please get in touch, as we’re keen to get to know the wider community. You might like to tell us about changes you’d like to bring about, or if you represent a group or organisation, how we could work together.

We asked Louise what one of her favourite things about Blacklands is so far, and she said…

Getting to know the people and the history. She’s met incredibly nice and interesting people who live and work in the area so far.

You can find out a bit more about Louise here


Community Co-ordinator Contact Details:
Kilwinning Library, St Winning’s Lane
Kilwinning, KA13 6EP

Twitter: @LouiseBlackland                     FacebookLouiseBlackland