Getting Alongside Communities – Blairbeth & Fernhill, South Lanarkshire

A bit about Fernhill

Most of Fernhill was open fields until the late 1950’s, when construction on houses first began and people started to settle in the area.

The area has undergone lots of redevelopment in the last decade, particularly in terms of new houses. Some residents have lived in the community of Fernhill since it was first built.

If you haven’t been to Fernhill yet, you might be interested in visiting a statue called King of the Castle, known locally as Boy Wonder, which was created by Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter.

Satellite Imagine of Fernhill, Rutherglen

What’s been happening?

We’ve been in Fernhill since June 2016 working from Fernhill Community Centre, Fernhill and Cathkin Parish Church and St. Mark’s Chapel. Lots of things have been happening since started working in the area. Meeting people and groups active in the local community has been important. We’ve taken part in a gala day and tent events to meet people, supported community centre volunteers to get together, worked with the local church, and supported community centre volunteers to deliver a group open day. We’ve also been doing a bit of desk based research to understand the community and its history better.

Please have a look at the Fernhill Timeline to see what else has been happening in the area.

How can you get involved?

You can find contact details for the Fernhill Community Co-ordinator on this page. Please get in touch, as we’re keen to get to know the wider community. You might like to tell us about changes you’d like to bring about, or if you represent a group or organisation, how we could work together.

We asked Cath what one of her favourite things about Fernhill is so far, and she said…

How welcoming the people in Fernhill are, any time I have spoken to someone from the community they have been very positive about our presence and our approach within the community.

You can learn a little bit more about Cath here

Click here for a virtual tour of Fernhill!
Cath McNally

Community Co-ordinator Contact Details:
Cath McNally
Fernhill Community Centre
12 Auchenlarie Road
Rutherglen, G73 4EQ


Every year an annual update from each community is produced, sharing learning, activities and plans for the future.










Can we help you?

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