Getting Alongside Communities – Langlees, Falkirk

A bit about Langlees

Langlees was built to accommodate workers in the growing iron and steel industry in the 18th and 19th Centuries, underpinned by the Carron Iron Company. The company was famous for its cannons, used throughout the British Empire. Heavy industry has gradually left the area in the last fifty years, but for many decades Carron Iron Company were the biggest employer and the biggest landowner in the area.

The 2014 community profile stated that the area was ‘inundated with community groups’ showing its rich history of community activity has continued despite the many changes in the area in recent decades.

What’s been happening?

We’ve been in Langlees since the beginning of June 2017, getting to know the community informally, meeting local partners and service providers, and understanding the community better through desk-based research.

How can you get involved?

You can find contact details for the Langlees Community Co-ordinator on this page. Please get in touch, as we’re keen to get to know the wider community. You might like to tell us about changes you’d like to bring about, or if you represent a group or organisation, how we could work together.

A little bit about Angela: 

You can learn a bit about Angela, the community co-ordinator, here.

Community Co-ordinator Contact Details:
Angela Smith
Phone number: 07860 800 828
Facebook: Angela Smith

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Can we help you?

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