Social Change Initiative (SCI) have been commissioned to help a group of funders explore their role in supporting realisation of human rights in Scotland. This work has been commissioned by The Baring Foundation, Cattanach, Corra Foundation and The Robertson Trust and is expected to report before the end of the year.

The team will:

  • Seek to understand the Scottish context and draw on international learning.
  • Engage in purposeful conversations with people in the independent funding and human rights sectors.
  • Draw well evidenced conclusions on the action and investment needed from independent funders (Scottish, UK and international) who operate (or can operate) in Scotland.
  • Produce practical recommendations, including possible ‘route maps’ to guide funders towards an effective, collaborative approach for independent human rights funding in Scotland.

The research builds on a series of conversations among funders over the past two years, much of which is reflected in Bold and Fearless – Towards an independent human rights funding agenda for Scotland.