Everyone Has a Story

Corra’s 2015 action research project EHAS was born from conversations with PDI funded projects that identified a need to understand how parental recovery from alcohol and drugs affected children and young people.

The findings illustrated the importance of positive relationships and actively listening to the experiences of young people. Recommendations were made to practitioners, policy makers and academics, and these continue to be taken forward:

  • Children and young people developed a blueprint to highlight ways to share their story, and this year the Scottish Government is investing in the digital phase of EHAS. This is being taken forward by Corra in collaboration with the Independent Care Review.
  • Whole Family Approaches: Systemic Change Fund, was developed by the Scottish Government from the recommendations from EHAS. The funding aims to accelerate improvements to the systems that aim to support families affected by alcohol and drugs.

Building on the findings from EHAS, Corra has undertaken a second research project exploring whole family approaches and relationships-based practice,  The purpose of Connections Are Key was to influence knowledge, policy and practice of relationship-based support so that children and families can develop and sustain loving and nurturing relationships.

Component 1

What we hear from the stories and experiences

Component 2

What Practitioners tell us

Component 3

How young people could share their story

Component 4

What the evidence tells us