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About Henry Duncan Grants

Henry Duncan Grants are Corra’s general grant-making programme which supports grassroots charities operating in Scotland.  The programme is named after the Rev. Henry Duncan who had a driving concern for the under-privileged and whose vision and compassion led to the founding of the worldwide savings bank movement.  As the organisation was originally formed by the Trustee Savings Bank, it was fitting that we named our grant programme after this great man.

This year, as part of our strategy to be the best grantmaker we can be, Corra Foundation is undertaking a review of Henry Duncan Grants criteria and processes.  To allow us the time to focus on the review, we will complete our 2019 Henry Duncan Grants programme by June this year, so the final closing date for applications was 4th March, for Trustee consideration in June 2019.

This means that we are unable to accept any further applications to our Henry Duncan Grants programme until we have completed the review. We anticipate completing the review by the end of 2019 and being open again for applications in 2020.

We will be consulting with organisations and individuals over the coming months, and if you would like to be part of the consultation process, please register your interest by sending an email to hello@corra.scot  This means that we may invite you to be included in surveys and/or focus groups.

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Information for Current Grantholders


Our Trustees are always interested to know what difference our funding has made, and we like to follow up all our grants, regardless of size.

As a condition of your grant, we ask for a progress report 12 months after your grant was made letting us know what you did with the money and what difference it made to the people you work with.  We will automatically write to you two months before the anniversary of your grant asking for you to complete a short online progress report.

If you have already produced a report for another funder that covers the work we have funded, we are happy to accept that. Even if it doesn’t cover everything you want to report to us, some of the information may be relevant so it is well worth checking to see what you could use so you minimise any extra work.  Please email the completed document to us at hello@corra.scot.

Please be assured that we do read your reports, and indeed a Grants Advisor may contact you with some feedback or to request some extra information. We also like to visit some projects as part of our own evaluation processes (but this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your report!)


If you need any guidance or support to complete your progress report, please feel free to contact us.

For information on outcomes or monitoring and evaluation, we also encourage charities to contact Evaluation Support Scotland and you can visit their website here where you will find lots of resources.