The Promise Partnership

“The Promise Scotland is responsible for driving the work of change demanded by the findings of the Independent Care Review.” Learn more about The Promise Scotland.

The Promise Partnership offers funding and support to organisations and collaborations to #KeepThePromise and help drive forward change that matters to children, young people and families.

The Promise Partnership Advisory Group is helping to shape the process and the Decision Makers Panel, bring a range of skills as well as their own experience of the ‘care system.’

In June 2021, the Deputy First Minister confirmed a committed of £4m per annum from 2021 – 2024) to the Promise Partnership Fund to help #KeepThePromise. We are delighted that following an open tendering exercise Corra has been chosen to deliver the Promise Partnership Fund over the next three years. We are excited about this next phase in supporting the sector in their role to drive forward The Promise. There will be an announcement about this next phase in the coming months and for more information you can sign up to our mailing list here. 

The Promise Partnership timeline

How funding decisions are made

How are funding decisions made?

  • All applications are presented to a decision makers panel. The decision makers panel bring a range of professional skills and expertise as well as have lived experience of Scotland’s ‘care system’. The Panel are there to shape and design the decision-making process and review all applications against an agreed set of funding principles.
  • The funding principles, criteria and application materials for the Promise Partnership are shaped by an independent advisory group.
  • Lessons from previous funding rounds of the Promise Partnership are incorporated to help support the decision-making process.
  • Corra Foundation staff provide support and guidance to both the decision makers panel and Advisory Group.

The Promise Partnership Advisory Group is integral to shaping this process. Thank you to those involved, including:

  • Nicky Campbell, Kibble
  • Lynn Gillies, Fife Council
  • Joanne Glennie, Ypeople
  • Carly Glover, Jersey Cares
  • Marie Clare Tully, Columba 1400
  • Vicky Wan, (previously with Children In Scotland)
  • Alan Webb, Home-Start
The Promise Partnership timeline

A Good Childhood

A Good Childhood is now closed. Please find the full list of grants made below. 

This investment aims to build upon or put structures in place that will create the space to think, plan and co-design changes that ensure a Good Childhood. The priority area of A Good Childhood covers eight actions across interconnected areas of work. This funding strand was open to any of the eight but prioritised proposals with a focus on:

  • Relationships
  • Moving on
  • Youth Justice

Organisation, grant amount and Local Authority area:

Organisation Name  Grant Amount Total Local Authority Area Description of Award
Aberlour £99,500 Scotland-wide To recruit a Change Manager to review Highland’s current ‘system’ of moving-on  supports and pathways. Work will incorporate SAtSD and will ensure active participation of young people.
Action for Children (AfC) £87,676 Scotland-wide To support the organisation in working in partnership with Edinburgh council to co-design and test a contextual safeguarding approach focusing on child sexual exploitation.
ACVO TSI £40,000 Aberdeen City To appoint a Co-ordinator to engage and facilitate a network with third sector and statutory partners with a focus on SAtSD.
AFA Scotland £69,260 Scotland-wide To support the organisation to co-produce a new approach to ensure children and young people maintain loving, consistent relationships with everyone important to them, including developing a toolkit and supporting local authorities to embed within their practice.
Angus Council £100,000 Angus To re-design services to ensure early help and flexible provision, including the appointment of a dedicated Senior Practitioner who will lead and co-ordinate the Promise work.
Care Visions Fostering £96,739 Scotland-wide To create a virtual village offering innovative support including coaching and learning opportunities to children, young people and parents.
Circle £36,314 Edinburgh city Using the data collected through their open call work, they will co-produce practice principles which will further embed voice of care experienced families into how services are designed and delivered.
City of Edinburgh £70,000 Edinburgh city To develop a service that offers aftercare support for parents who lose their baby through adoption/permanent care in Edinburgh.
CLAN childlaw  £100,000 Scotland-wide To continue adjusting internal infrastructure, including creating a new specialised legal service for young people who are in conflict with the law.
COVEY £43,590 South Lanarkshire Working collaboratively with children and young people, to hear their voice and adapt delivery models and share learning with partners.
Cross Reach £98,000 Scotland-wide To support the organisation to use the existing structure of Design Teams, including children and young people with lived experience, to look at transitions between services, then use co-design to develop and implement improvements.
Cyrenians £100,000 Edinburgh city To extend the work of the Youth Engagement Officer to ensure learning from the pilot is embedded in future and current services.
Dumfries & Galloway Council £99,206 Dumfries & Galloway To develop a platform for gathering the views of children and young people focusing on providing an approach to children in conflict with the law, taking into account the work nationally to drive forward improvements in Youth Justice.
East Dunbartonshire Council £100,000 East Dunbartonshire To support the implementation of Family Group Decision Making within East Dunbartonshire’s Children’s Services.
East Renfrewshire Council £88,000 East Renfrewshire To recruit a Project Co-ordinator who will undertake system change planning work to improve transitions for children and young people.
Falkirk Council £95,000 Falkirk To shift process and practice by appointing two Champions to ensure Lifelong Links is offered to everyone 5 years+ at the statutory 72 hour review.
Fife Council £100,000 Fife To support the recruitment of people with care experience to develop a supportive care community across the seven areas of Fife.
Fostering Network £95,000 Scotland-wide To look at introducing Step Up, Step Down programmes, working in partnership with Local Authorities to help keep families together.
GCVS £100,000 Glasgow City To support the citywide promotion of a whole systems approach to participation, involving  children, young people and families in service design and delivery, to affect change or improvement in their services.
Glasgow HSCP £65,000 Glasgow City To conduct a review of Aftercare options, informed by young people, which will build in tests of change based on the feedback from children, young people and families.
Home-Start Angus £35,000 Angus To research and implement service redesign, exploring what services are needed to best support families.
Home-Start UK £99,412 Scotland-wide Focused on improving children’s rights in service delivery and placing voice and participation at the heart of service design across Scotland’s Home-Start organisations.
HUB for SUCCESS £83,000 edinburgh city To review the work already being done  and implement service redesign across the organisation and other partners, encouraging a co-design approach with voice being central.
Inspiring Scotland £67,000 Scotland-wide Using learning from the Open Call investment, some of the recommendations that address the gaps in transitions support will be implemented.
Midlothian Council £92,958 Midlothian To expand Family Group Decision Making and to ensure all young people will have access to Lifelong  Links to enable them to explore their heritage and rekindle important relationships.
NHS Grampian £100,000 Aberdeen City To support families whose children are at risk of going into care. There will be a focus on services working together to ensure families are supported with a ‘no wrong door approach’.
NSPCC Scotland £55,000 Scotland-wide Working with Family Nurse Partnerships, preventative support will be provided to women in early pregnancy (12-28 weeks), to create a seamless and robust infrastructure.
One Parent Families £87,323 Scotland-wide To create capacity to consult with one parent families to better understand experiences from a child’s perspective, and to deliver trauma informed training to all staff.
Renfrewshire Council £100,000 Renfrewshire To establish Family Group Decision Making and Lifelong Links services at the 72 hour review after accommodation to identify positive, sustainable relationships.
Shared Lives Plus £77,180 Scotland-wide To enable parents with a learning disability and their children to remain living together by providing supported accommodation with a Shared Lives Carer.
Shetland Islands Council £100,000 Shetland Building on the organisation’s support for young people moving on, this investment will enable them to focus and embed Family Group Conferencing with an emphasis on supporting those relationships that matter to the child or young person.
Speak Out Scotland £70,000 Glasgow City To understand the needs and develop services focused on supporting young people aged 16 – 18  with care experience who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse.
STAF £58,000 Glasgow City To employ a qualified Development Worker who will work closely with children and young people and will focus on tackling the disproportionate criminalisation of young people with care experience.
West Lothian Council £100,000 West Lothian Collaborative approach with various partners to look at transitional stages and ensure sustainable infrastructure of support.
Who Cares? Scotland £99,091 Scotland-wide To develop a scalable blueprint to ensure schools are ‘care aware’ and children and families with care experience have the best opportunities for support.
Why Not? Trust £39,000 Scotland-wide To develop a new approach continuing relationships within fostering to support foster carers and young people stay in touch into adult life.
Winning Scotland £45,000 Scotland-wide To carry out tests of change and evaluation of delivering/offering growth mindset approach training to staff and care givers.
With Kids £67,500 Glasgow City To  give the organisation space, time and resources to consider how to establish a framework to gather children’s views without impacting on therapeutic relationships/processes.
Yard £100,000 Edinburgh city Gathering data to improve practice and better understand the landscape faced by children and young people who have a disability and are care experienced.
YMCA Edinburgh SCIO £55,378 Edinburgh city To recruit an Engagement Worker to explore the needs and experiences of children with care experience, and to trial additional support to families.

Getting it Right for Brothers and Sisters

Getting it Right for Brothers and Sisters is now closed. Please find full list of awards below.


Getting it Right for Brothers and Sisters was an initial investment of circa £500,000. Based on the quality and depth of proposals, the Decision Makers Panel agreed to increase the budget to approximately £1.4m. Grants of up to £200,000 have been allocated to help organisations understand more about local needs and gather evidence on what works to ensure relationships between brothers and sisters are cherished and protected.


Organisation, grant amount and Local Authority area:

Organisation Name Grant Amount Total Local Authority
Adoption UK, Scotland £98,000 Scotland-wide
Families Outside £196,904 Scotland-wide
Glenboig Development Trust £96,929 North Lanarkshire
North Ayrshire HSCP £140,000 North Ayrshire
North Lanarkshire Education and Families £100,000 North Lanarkshire
Perth and Kinross Council £57,585 Perth and Kinross


Scottish Borders Council £160,000 Scottish Borders
Siblings Reunited (STAR) £200,000 Fife

Promise Partnership Round One Open Call Route

The Open Call Route is now closed. Please find full list of awards below.

Approximately £3m of this investment was administered as a catalyst for change through an open call route. Funding of up to £50,000 was allocated to help organisations create capacity, adapt approaches and work towards cultural shifts and collaboration across the care system‘, reflecting what is important to care experienced children, young people and families.

Organisation, grant amount and Local Authority area:

Organisation Name  Grant Amount Total Local Authority Description of Award
Aberdeen City Council £50,000 Aberdeen City To support the secondment of an experienced manager to assist the organisation to begin to improve approaches to offering and providing family support to those who have complex and multiple support needs.
Aberdeenshire Council £50,000 Aberdeenshire To support training and development of multi-agency teams, including trauma sensitive practice for all agency staff, motivational interviewing and the further development of a prototype tool for multi-agency data gathering and record keeping.
Aberlour £50,000 Scotland-wide To undertake a ‘test-of-change’ process in partnership with Tayside Councils and families to test the impact that alleviating poverty and financial hardship has on children at risk of entering care.
Action for Children £50,000 Scotland-wide To accelerate the Promise Plan and organisational changes, including supporting two new Promise Co-ordinator posts and establishing a board of care experienced CYP to lead and oversee strategy/plans.
Adoption and Fostering Alliance (AFA) Scotland £25,000 Scotland-wide To support the costs for the organisation to review current practice and to implement identified changes.
Adoption UK Charity £42,000 Scotland-wide To build on and develop the organisation’s commitment to the Promise, including the recruitment of an Engagement Worker with lived experience.
Argyll & Bute Council £50,000 Argyll & Bute To develop and test a model and practice framework for innovative integrated holistic family support and early help where poor parental mental health and/or substance misuse are factors.
Articulate Cultural Trust £50,000 East Renfrewshire To support the delivery and capacity for the organisation to build electronic means by which to connect people with care experience and offer belonging, as well as personalised services support. This includes the creation of a Digital Access Co-ordinator role.
Avenue Confidential £50,000 Aberdeen City To carry out an organisation-wide review of current practice coupled with in-house and externally-provided training, including the recruitment of a part-time Promise Keeper to lead the project.
Barnardos £50,000 Scotland-wide For Barnardo’s Scotland to engage Columba 1400 to support  staff to embark on a personal and professional journey which will support delivery and implementation of the aspirations of the Promise.
Children 1st £50,000 Scotland-wide To support a project which will allow the organisation  to consult, test, develop and evaluate the application of Family Group Decision Making earlier in statutory decision making processes.
Children and Families Social Work Services, Dumfries and Galloway Council £50,000 Dumfries & Galloway To support capacity building costs for the development of a package / programme to build staff resilience to keep their skills up to date and to promote early intervention and prevention.
Church of Scotland Social Care Council (CrossReach) £50,000 Scotland-wide To enable CrossReach to put in place, and support,  a dedicated post to improve transitions through hearing the voice of children and their families.
Circle £20,000 Edinburgh City To support the organisation to design, implement and develop system and cultural changes, with families and services, which will align Circle’s work more closely with The Promise. This includes increasing the hours of current part time Development Manager.
Clackmannanshire Council £50,000 Clackmannanshire To support the new role of a Promise Keeper Champion which will build capacity for the organisation and assist in planning, analysis, policy, service design and coproduction.
Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar £50,000 Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles) To support a member of staff to drive forward the local authority Promise plans including policies, procedures, language and participation, across all levels of the organisation.
Community Law Advice Network £50,000 Scotland-wide To support the redirection of the legal expertise that exists within Clan Childlaw away from management and operational work and dedicate it to work to #KeepThePromise.
Community Volunteers Enabling Youth Project (COVEY) £50,000 South Lanarkshire To enable the organisation to free up capacity within the senior team and to bring in specific support to help with organisational development to embed the Promise plan.
Cyrenians £50,000 Edinburgh City To support a new participation post to lead a programme of work that will help to create capacity for the organisation to hear and understand what young people need, and use that to shape future work they undertake.
Dean and Cauvin Young People’s Trust £40,000 Edinburgh City To support the organisation to implement the next stage of their Promise plan, including training and upskilling staff to improve support for children and young people.
East Ayrshire Council £50,000 East Ayrshire To employ an Implementation Lead service manager to build on the actions carried out to date and ensure that The Promise is fully implemented in East Ayrshire, and promoted across partners.
East Dunbartonshire Council £50,000 East Dunbartonshire To employ an Implementation Officer and a Modern Apprentice support post to focus on implementing the organisation’s Promise plans and working with children and young people with care experience, and their families, in progressing change.
East Lothian Council £50,000 East Lothian To recruit a Promise Implementation Officer to be a champion of The Promise and responsible for ensuring the principles and themes of The Promise are central to the redesign and change implementation process.
East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership £50,000 East Renfrewshire To support the new post of Pathway Planning Development Coordinator, who will work alongside young people with care experience, families/carers, social workers, managers and key service providers to improve the quality of the pathway planning arrangements for transition into young adulthood.
Educating Through Care Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide To review 15 Care and Learning Journeys, which follow  young people from an early age to their current situation in order to analyse their experiences and those of their families. This information will contribute strategically to recommendations for transformative change within the care system nationally and locally/regionally.
Falkirk Children’s Commission £50,000 Falkirk To recruit a Promise Co-ordinator who will enable the organisation to effect positive cultural change building on current work, supporting co-design and co-production of service provisions.
FCA Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide To support a senior staff member to implement The Promise plan, including participation of children and young people and challenging carers / staff / external partners with their views.
Foster Care Connect £41,000 Scotland-wide To develop and improve support services for children, young people and families, including  increasing participation opportunities for children and young people with care experience.
Fostering People Scotland £30,000 Aberdeen City To employ a Keep the Promise Officer to critically evaluate and effect change in the structures, processes and practices of the agency.
Glenboig Development Trust £35,000 North Lanarkshire To employ a Planning and Implementation Officer to lead the necessary sustainable change and continual improvement processes, embedding them in the organisation’s governance documents and strategic plan.
Harmeny Education Trust Limited £50,000 Scotland-wide To employ a Development Officer to support the creation of a new secondary curriculum, allowing young people with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs to continue at Harmeny up to the age of 18.
Home-Start UK £50,000 Scotland-wide To recruit development workers who will work locally and nationally to embed the principles of The Promise and family support through a programme of learning  involving at least 15 local Home-Start organisations.
HUB for SUCCESS £50,000 Edinburgh City To enable the establishment of a Strategic Lead Manager role for one year to push forward the development and consolidation of the HUB model which will transform support experience for care- experienced of all ages providing an accessible, seamless and easy to navigate pathway into further and higher education.
Includem £50,000 Glasgow City To support a year-long Promise Participation Project with a view of participation proofing policies, guidelines, procedures and practices. This includes the recruitment and living-wage salary of a care-experienced person to undertake the role of Participation Officer.
Inspiring Scotland £40,000 Scotland-wide To support the development of the Intandem mentoring programme, including the recruitment of a member of staff to bring valuable lived experience voice.
Inverclyde HSCP £50,000 Inverclyde To support the recruitment of a Promise Lead, to work as part of a Promise Team which will have a key role in working across the Health & Social Care Partnership and ensuring meaningful engagement with children their family and carers.
JMT Fostering £25,000 Scotland-wide To increase staff hours in order to embed the principles of The Promise, including listening to carers, young people and staff, developing training, creating an agenda for change and establishing a  “Keeping the Promise” forum.
Kibble Education and Care Centre £50,000 Renfrewshire To enable the organisation to further progress  plans to #KeepThePromise. This will include the recruitment of Child and Youth Care Worker Promise Keeper(s) with lived care experience.
Moore House Group £20,000 Scotland-wide To carry out research on the impact of the journey/whole experience of young people accessing Moore House Group. The findings will inform practice and influence policies.
Moray Council £50,000 Moray To support a part time Project Officer and an Engagement Officer to work closely with staff, young people and families and to form the basis of a Promise Redesign Team.
North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership £50,000 North Ayrshire To appoint a Promise Lead to take forward the development of the Promise, ensuring that strategy, communications, planning, collaboration and participation is taken forward in a consistent, planned, transparent, and targeted way to ensure synergy between all stakeholders.
North Lanarkshire Council £50,000 North Lanarkshire To support the organisation to shift the culture, create and maintain change and ensure The Promise is implemented within North Lanarkshire.
Orkney Islands Council £50,000 Orkney Islands To support the organisation to continue building on their participation and engagement work, and to develop and deliver a staff training plan including solution focussed practice and building loving and nurturing relationships.
ProjectChange £30,000 Edinburgh City To cover the further development and rollout of the Voices toolkit, including the cost of staffing and resourcing.
Quarriers £50,000 Scotland-wide To support the role of an Implementation Manager who will be dedicated to undertaking a full and critical review of Services and delivery and how they support the recommendations within the Promise.
Renfrewshire Council £50,000 Renfrewshire To support the new post of ‘Promise Ambassador’ who will support local partners to create capacity, adapt approaches and work towards cultural shifts and collaboration.
Resilience Learning Partnership £50,000 Clackmannanshire To part fund the continuation of the VAWG manager and a part time assistant, to ensure implementation of adapted policy and that pertinent records are maintained.
Right There £50,000 Scotland-wide To support the organisation to achieve their aspirations of keeping care experienced people at the heart of their strategic review process, by covering the additional costs required to make this happen.
Rossie £50,000 Angus To redeploy an operational manager to build capacity through a dedicated role within the organisation that would lead the change plan, monitor progress and implement developments across a multidisciplinary organisation.
Safe Families £50,000 Edinburgh City To invest in the infrastructure changes needed to pilot a new Tayside Safe Families hub.
Scottish Adoption Association £25,000 Edinburgh City To create a new staff role that will focus solely on implementing the organisation’s 6 Commitments for Change.
Scottish Attachment in Action £15,000 Scotland-wide To create capacity to lead co-production and support the implementation of the Education Project findings which are most important to children, young people and their families. This will include recruitment of an Engagement and Participation Lead (care experienced).
Scottish Borders Council £50,000 Scottish Borders To employ a full-time Promise Implementation Officer for one year which will enable the recommendations from the Promise and the Five Foundations to be progressed and implemented across the council and with partner agencies.
Scottish Mentoring Network £30,000 Scotland-wide To map the current provision of mentoring to care experienced children and young people to identify gaps and develop partnerships to address them.
SIC £50,000 Shetland Islands To employ a full time post to deliver service redesign and change within the organisation, specifically aligning policies and procedures, challenging current practice and engaging meaningfully with children, young people and their families.
South Ayrshire Council £50,000 South Ayrshire To provide staff backfill costs in order to build capacity within the team which will focus on implementing and continuing to embed The Promise principles into policies, decision making processes and organisational culture.
St Margarets Children and Family Care Society £50,000 Glasgow City To support capacity building costs for one year, including a new full time post to deliver the review of all services and reflect change in the strategy, policies and activities at St Margarets.
Staf £50,000 Glasgow City To support the recruitment and organisational support of a Clinical Psychologist to review the organisation’s trauma-informed leadership and relationship -based model.
Stirling Council £50,000 Stirling To support the recruitment of a dedicated Programme Manager to develop and drive forward the organisation’s plans for implementation of The Promise.
The Fostering Network in Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide To support staffing costs, including the recruitment of a new worker, to implement change, challenge thinking where necessary, and ensure that children and young people are truly placed at the heart of the work.
The Good Shepherd Centre £50,000 Renfrewshire To support the appointment of Family Support staff to increase family connections, staff to capacity build the existing staff model to increase support for young people in transition and a Participation and Inclusion officer to support Board re-design.
Volunteering Matters £50,000 Edinburgh City To support the new role of a Participation Manager, a single point of contact to assess, evaluate, reflect & implement measures to ensure that the organisation will live the values of #KeepThe Promise.
West Dunbartonshire HSCP £50,000 West Dunbartonshire To provide additional staff resource to support different departments to review their individual service delivery plans and redesign to become better aligned with The Promise.
Who Cares? Scotland £50,000 Scotland-wide To undertake the first 3 stages of the Scottish Approach to Service Design Double Diamond Framework in the financial year 21/22 for core data needs, using a representative, organisation wide approach.
YMCA Edinburgh SCIO £10,000 Edinburgh City To support the organisation to progress plans to #keepthepromise, including engaging external consultants to facilitate sessions to enable staff to explore their work through the lens of The Promise, and for the delivery any training needs that emerge as a result.
Young Scot £16,000 Scotland-wide To support the organisation to engage directly with care experienced young people to review  services, and to improve staff knowledge, understanding and capacity to develop this work.

Promise Partnership Round One Diagnostic Route

Please find full list of awards below.

£915,000 was allocated to help drive forward big ideas that will #KeepThePromise and contribute to the Change Plan. This was an invite only application process – the process of identifying potential organisations for invitation took into account scalability, transferability, connectivity of ideas and having made a commitment to #KeepThePromise.

Organisation and grant amount:

Aberlour Scotland-wide


Dundee City Council £200,000


Inverclyde HSCP £200,000


Fife Council £ 200,000


Shetland Islands Council £140,000


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Project management and governance

Corra has been contracted by the Scottish Government to deliver the Promise Partnership until March 2022. Responsibility and accountability rests with Corra’s Acting CEO, with additional support and oversight provided by Corra’s Head of Learning and Development. An Advisory Group provides guidance and challenge to the parameters and criteria of the Promise Partnership. Funding decisions are made by the decision makers panel that brings together a range of professional skills and expertise as well as lived experience of Scotland’s ‘care system’.

No staff of The Promise Scotland or member of the Oversight Board will be appointed to the Advisory Group and/or decision makers panel.

Corra’s CEO’s involvement and role (Chair) in The Promise Scotland is recorded through Corra’s Conflict of Interest procedures. The CEO is recused from any involvement with the Promise Partnership. Corra’s CEO has been on secondment to The Promise since April 2021 and during that time has not been involved in any of Corra’s grant making or governance.