Bringing a Racial Justice lens to Corra’s Henry Duncan Grants

By 7th June 2022 July 14th, 2022 News

In 2021 Corra’s Henry Duncan Grants focused on community-based support for mental health and wellbeing. It is estimated that one in three people in Scotland experience mental ill health every year. Grassroots charities play a vital role in offering support that is accessible, inclusive and that is often particularly well placed to overcome stigma.  

Racial injustice also impacts on mental health. Research has shown that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities are disadvantaged when accessing mental health and well-being services, including in terms of the quality of care they receive.  

In recognition of this, and the historic under funding of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, Corra developed a dedicated strand of its Henry Duncan Grant funding to support groups working alongside Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities to promote and support positive mental health.  

Corra’s latest insight briefing, shares the learning from the 2021 Henry Duncan Grants programme that applied a racial justice lens to its work. The briefing highlights the ways approaches to funding processes shifted to be more accessible, inclusive and improve the reach amongst communities typically underfunded and under resourced.  

Lessons from the funding will support Corra to embed a racial justice lens across its grant making through a series of commitments, including continuing to ring-fence Henry Duncan Grants funding and involving people with lived expertise in design and decision-making processes.  

This year’s theme for Corra’s Henry Duncan Grants focusses on supporting Children and Young People experiencing inequality. Corra will commit at least £300,000 (around 30% of the fund budget) to support organisations that are led by Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities. 


Notes to editors:  

  1. Corra Foundation exists to make a difference to the lives of people and communities. It works with others to encourage positive change, opportunity, fairness and growth of aspirations which improve quality of life. Corra wants to see a society in which people create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives. In 2020 Corra launched a ten-year strategy. It is long term because making a difference on the big challenges will take time. At its heart is the strong belief that when people find their voice, they unlock the power to make change happen. You can read the full strategy here: 
  1. Corra believes that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is fundamental to it’s ten-year strategy which centres on three themes; voice, power and change. Corra has been talking, listening, learning and thinking about what DEI means and has developed a DEI statement. This articulates what DEI means for Corra, and details what Corra is doing, and planning, so that DEI is fully embedded throughout its work.  
  1. Henry Duncan Grants focuses on a different theme each year (details available here   



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