Building Forward Better; new research project exploring social action in response to coronavirus

By 28th July 2020 News

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted considerable change at a considerable pace. Places of work, worship and learning closed as the UK went into lockdown. Whilst the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in society it has also illuminated the strength of communities. New projects, local initiatives and previously unknown neighbours have responded with compassion and offerings of mutual support.

Understanding these examples of social action will form the basis of a new community research project that will seek to learn from local level responses to the crisis and what is needed to ‘build forward better.’

This research will form part of a wider Social Action Inquiry, and the partners[1] are delighted that The Collective ( will be taking this work forward.

The Collective are a collaboration of freelance consultants and researchers working to promote inclusive social change, through participation and co-production. The research will work alongside communities to understand how they have organised social action and how those furthest from power can be at the heart of shaping what comes next.

For more information about the Social Action Inquiry and research project please contact:


[1] Carnegie UK Trust, Corra Foundation, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), The National Lottery Community Fund and, The Robertson Trust.

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