Community Stories

Corra believes that when people speak out about things that matter to them, they can make real change happen. We want to listen and learn about:

  • How the coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s lives.
  • How communities have responded and supported each other.
  • What needs to change if we want to ‘build forward better’.

We’d love to hear from you, especially if you don’t feel your voice is being heard.  This could be through a short blog, video, voice note, or a chat with one of the Corra team.

To help you tell your story, we’ve put together some Community Stories Guidance.

Send your stories to, or connect with Corra on social media. Twitter: @corrascot  Facebook @CorraScot  and Instagram: @corra_foundation

Community Stories
7th July 2020

Portobello: a seaside town in the pandemic

  Portobello in the earlier stages of lockdown, May 2020 We are grateful to David for sharing his thoughts on his hometown, Portobello, lockdown and some reflections with Corra. Thank…
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3rd July 2020

A Day in the Life of: “Local Delivery Team Leader” and Home Schooling ‘Teacher’

Thank you to Tracey for sharing her story with Corra and joining in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation. A day in the life of a Local delivery team leader and home…
Community StoriesNews
1st July 2020

Lockdown memories: Zoe’s thank you poem

We are very grateful to Zoe, a Primary 3 pupil from Braehead Pimary School for sharing her poem with us.  Zoe wrote this poem in the earlier stages of lockdown,…
Community Stories
29th June 2020

Imagine a world: A story by Rabbia

We are very grateful to Rabbia for sharing her story with Corra and joining in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation. An image of the park we do our family daily walks.…
Community Stories
26th June 2020

Dunterlie: A story from Laura

We are very grateful to Laura for sharing her story with us and joining in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation. A bit about me I live in Barrhead with my husband…
Community Stories
23rd June 2020

Superheroes vs Covid-19

In collaboration with SCOREscotland, Corra recently helped facilitate two sessions with SCOREscotland’s Knots and Crosses Children’s Club (KCCC) for 7-10 year old.  14 Superhero children Assembled for the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation.…
Maxine & Kirstin Fernhill Community Stories
10th June 2020

Fernhill: A story from Kirstin

Maxine and Kirstin, Ohana Club in Fernhill   We are very grateful to Kirstin for sharing her story with us and joining in on the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation. Before the lockdown…
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8th June 2020

The Coronavirus Storm – No Safe Port?

I’m not often lost for words. Words are my livelihood. They steer me in activism, and as I stand alongside fellow unpaid carers, in the never-ending fight for better rights…
Grace poem Community StoriesNews
5th June 2020

Covid-19: A poem and artwork

Thank you to Clydesider Magazine for sharing their winning entry for their poem competition with Corra. The competition was open to all ages in West Dumbartonshire and this wonderful poem…
Woman holding child, pointing and looking out towards sea BlogsCommunity StoriesCovid 19News
5th June 2020

Unheard voices, Race and COVID-19

(5 min read) The prettiest of rainbow spikes, fanned in a row of stiff and sky high triangles, in the middle of two shaven sides.  Jewellery and buckles clanging together,…
Wester Hailes Watch this Space Community Stories
3rd June 2020

Watch this space: A poem

Eoghan Howard has lived in Wester Hailes for over 30 years. During this time he has been involved in a variety of local community projects and is currently chairperson of…
Corona Comic Community Stories
2nd June 2020

Homebound: A comic

This powerful comic was created by artist and illustrator knitsandcat. We're grateful to knitsandcat for letting us share it as part of the #SameStormDifferentBoat conversation. "Homebound: a comic that is…