The Household Hardship Fund

The Household Hardship Fund is now closed.

Unfortunately, due to the high demand and volume of applications to the Household Hardship Fund, the fund is now closed to new applications. If you already applied, you will have already received an email from us confirming that we have your application.  We will respond to all applicants by late April.

Click here to see a full list of organisations which received funding from the Household Hardship Fund.

The Household Hardship Fund is a £250,000 fund provided by the Robertson Trust and administered by Corra Foundation.

  • The purpose of the Household Hardship Fund is to provide small grants to charities and community groups across Scotland who can pass the funding on to families and individuals on low incomes.
  • The fund will provide up to £5,000 per group to provide families and individuals with cash or vouchers to meet pressing needs such as food, fuel, household items or clothing.
  • All funds must be passed on to families and individuals by 30 June 2022.
  • Please only apply for the amount of money that you are confident you can distribute by 31 June 2022. The minimum your group can apply for is £500.

The Fund aims to reach groups who:

  • Have strong local relationships with people in the community.
  • Are already supporting people in their communities on low incomes.
  • Have an annual income of less than £100,000, not including any COVID emergency grants your organisation received.
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Eligibility and Fund information

Who can apply?

Charities, community groups and social enterprises who:

  • Have an annual income under £100,000.
  • Have a constitution or governing document stating clearly that they are not for profit.
  • Can demonstrate that they support families and individuals on low incomes within their local area.
  • Can demonstrate how they will reach families and individuals and have a clear plan to distribute vouchers/cash to them.
  • Can distribute the funding they apply for by 30 June 2022.
  • A similar fund (Winter Support Small Grant Fund provided by the Scottish Government and administered by Corra) recently closed. If your group received funding through that fund you are still eligible to apply to this fund.

Distributing cash or vouchers can be challenging work.  We expect that successful applicants to this fund will be organisations who are already supporting families and individuals on low incomes through other activities. This might include projects such as: children’s groups, lunch clubs, churches/faith groups, youth groups, food pantries/banks. This list is not meant to exclude applicants but to give an idea of the kind of organisations we expect to apply.

Groups or organisations who were established to help meet the needs of their community during the pandemic can apply if your purpose and activities fit with other criteria.

Who can’t apply?

  • Organisations with no track record of supporting low-income families and individuals.
  • Individuals cannot apply directly to this fund. The support must reach individuals and families through charities and constituted groups that apply to this fund.
  • Sole traders.
  • Groups looking for funds for political campaigning or promoting religious activities.
  • Unconstituted groups.
  • For profit organisations.
  • Statutory organisations such as schools or nurseries.

How much is available and what can it be used for?

Groups can apply for up to £5,000. The minimum your group can apply for is £500.

This funding is to be used to provide cash payments/vouchers to families and individuals in need of extra support over the winter months. 5% of the total award can be used to cover the costs of your group (so a maximum of £250 if your grant is £5,000).

Examples of what cash payments or vouchers could cover:

  • food/essential items
  • fuel costs
  • phone/internet costs
  • warm clothing
  • other essentials that you can show are needed by the people you support

The total amount to be distributed to each family or individual should be decided by your organisation depending on circumstances. There is no set minimum or maximum. We ask you to estimate the number of people you will support in the application form.  Costs are very dependent on individual circumstances and we hope that the fund can be used flexibly but reach as many people as possible.

This fund promotes a cash-first (and/or voucher) response in line with Scottish Government’s Draft Plan to end foodbanks and aligned to Dignity in Practice project (Nourish Scotland & the Poverty Truth Commission).

What will not be funded?

This fund is to provide cash support/vouchers to low-income families and individuals in need.  Applications for other costs are unlikely to be successful.

This fund cannot support running costs/activities of your group, other than a maximum 5% contribution to help with the costs of carrying out this work.

This fund cannot cover the costs of purchasing food or other stock for foodbanks, but foodbanks could apply to distribute cash/vouchers to people they support.

Application and Criteria

Organisations will need to complete a short online application that will ask for:

  • Information about your organisation.
  • Contact details for a member of the group.
  • How the organisation supports low income families and individuals.
  • How much money is required and how you plan to distribute it.

You will need to provide a copy of your constitution unless you are a registered charity.

A constitution is a governing document for your group or organisation. A constitution sets out aims and objectives of your group/organisation and some clear rules around how you operate and make decisions.

You will also need to provide a recent copy of your group/organisation’s bank statement, clearly displaying sort code and account number. The bank account must be in the name of your group or organisation and must be dated within the past six months.

Remember that the fund will close once enough applications have been received to fully use the funding.  We strongly recommend you send in your application as soon as possible.

Click here to open the Household Hardship Fund criteria.

Next Steps

Once the application is received by Corra you will be sent an email confirming this. Your application will be reviewed to ensure it meets criteria and is eligible for support. Should there be any questions or missing information someone from Corra will be in touch.

We will aim to let you know the outcome of your application within four weeks of receiving the form.

If successful, the main contact listed on your application will receive an email advising them of the grant amount, grant conditions, and payment information. The email will also tell you about what will be required in terms of feedback and evaluation. You will be expected to report on the grant in July 2022. This will be a straightforward process to tell us about how you spent the money, who you reached and supported through this grant.

If unsuccessful, you will receive an email to let you know why the application did not fit the criteria and why we could not support your request.

Please send any questions to us at