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The Place-based Working Project began in October 2017 – bringing together a cross-sector group of including organisations from the third sector, central and local government – to meet regularly and build a shared view of what place-based working means, understand how it has been applied, and improve practice and adoption of it in Scotland.
Directed by this group, further research was commissioned into case-studies of good practice (led by CollaborateCIC) and the measurement of place-based initiatives (undertaken by EKOS consulting). Findings from this work, our review of the literature and the deliberations of the group, were presented to a wider group of stakeholders at the end of March 2018.
We are compiling a range of useful resources relevant to place-based working, and are generating further resources and learning around practical approaches to place-based work and implementation of the Place Principle (agreed by Scottish Government and COSLA).  Work is being undertaken by members of the cross-sector group on policy alignment and landscape, measurement, funder alignment and collaboration, community wealth building and generating further learning from current practice in places.
This project is funded by Scottish Government and convened by Corra Foundation.


Six Month Summary Report

The Scottish Government has funded Corra Foundation to convene a systems change project seeking to answer: can place-based working in Scotland be made more effective?  We have been attempting to change the system through developing cross-sectoral relationships and enabling a collective narrative and practice in Scotland around place-based working.

Case Studies

Collaborate CIC worked with Corra Foundation to qualitatively assess the effectiveness of six Scottish examples of place-based practice. The purpose of this research was to understand the current enabling conditions, as well as barriers, to wider adoption of good place-based working in Scotland, and provide recommendations for how practice could be improved.

Measurement of Place-based Working

Corra Foundation commissioned EKOS consulting to write a think-piece on measurement of place-based working. This reports contains a summary of the current state of measurement in place-based work, including: why measurement is hard; the importance of doing it; examples of effective measurement of place-based working initiatives from America and Scotland; and, an outline of what elements an evaluation model needs to contain to effectively measure place-based working initiatives.

You can view the accompanying spreadsheet here.

27th March 2018 Event Report

This report summarises the discussion and conclusions from a Place-based Working event, held at the Lighthouse in Glasgow on 27th March 2018.  A wider group of people with significant expertise and interest in place-based work met to discuss the further potential of this model, with the aim of creating momentum for more, and more effective, place-based work in Scotland. The report summarises discussions of barriers and enablers, specific aspects of place-based working that interested participants and, what needs to be done.

If you would like to contribute or know more, contact:

Richard Whatman
Secretariat Lead – Place-Based Approaches Project
Zoë Rush
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