Scotland’s Place wall decoration

Scotland’s Place Leadership Summit marked the official launch of the Place Principle, announced by the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government, Aileen Campbell MSP.

It was designed in partnership by Corra Foundation and Scotland’s Towns Partnership, with support from Scottish Government. To coincide with the Cabinet Secretary’s announcement, the aim of the Summit was to galvanise strong collective leadership and cross-sector collaboration to achieve inclusive growth and regeneration through place-based working and the implementation of the principle.

The day included speeches from leaders of place work, and eight journeys of ‘live’ examples, with time for participants to contribute to these discussions and reflect on the learning from the day on a personal level – culminating in actions and commitments to move this work forward.

The programme of the event can be viewed here.

Click hereto view the summary report from the Place Leadership Summit delivered.

Videos from Session Two: Partnerships for Place

A video of each session is available on Corra Foundation’s youtube channel, pleaseclick here.

Scotland’s Place Leadership Summit was co-produced with Scotland’s Towns Partnership and in partnership with The Scottish Government.