Place-based working

Corra Foundation understands that the challenges facing communities are complex and dynamic, and that traditional grantmaking alone will not support communities to address these issues.

In response to this, and following an extensive period of research and development, the People in Place programme was launched in 2014.

People in Place uses innovative place-based approaches to help people and communities to create positive change.

People in Place

Initially focussed on getting alongside communities that traditional grant making was not reaching, the scope and scale of the programme has grown to encompass three project strands

Change Convention: Listening responsibility

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Change Convention: Voice and experience

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Exploring Relationship Based Practice

Exploring theory, practice and lived experience with children and families living with drugs and alcohol.

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Cornerstone Groups

We are extremely grateful to our volunteer groups who continue to be invaluable in helping, supporting and challenging us with the implementation and roll out of the programme:

On the Ground Groups

Within each place we build relationships and collaborate with networks of people and organisations who provide the support for change that the community want by enabling people to achieve their aims, and providing knowledge, skills and experience.

The Place-based Advisory Group

The Place-based Advisory Group meets three times a year, and individual members are sometimes called on further for their expertise.

The group helps to advise, guide and support the staff team in strategic and operational developments. They act as a sounding board and critical friend to allow the staff team to test and evaluate implementation options as they emerge. They also signpost the staff team to relevant sources of intelligence, including any identified introductions to key individuals and stakeholders. They play an important role in reviewing emerging learning at a community, practice and model level, aiding the staff team to identify appropriate methods of dissemination.

The Observers

The Observers are a small cohort of individuals from a range of backgrounds (e.g. health, crime, private sector, academia, philanthropy) that share an interest in what we are trying to achieve through our place-based work and its impact at a macro level.  The Observers:

    • Challenge the Foundation’s evaluation and analysis to inform the long-term impact of effective community empowerment and its contribution to:
      • Changing the role played by people and place in self-determination; and
      • The ongoing debate and agenda surrounding public sector reform
    • Observe the synergy in the national policy agenda and what the Foundation is hoping to achieve. The Foundation is identifying patterns and trends, outcomes we expected and less anticipated ones too; the Observers are asked to comment and challenge us on these, and discuss these patterns, trends and outcomes.
    • Help identify what has worked elsewhere as well as examining and exploring what has not worked quite so well and similarly think about where to take these strands of learning.

Our Partners

Collaboration is at the heart of good place based working and underpins the People in Place programme.  Other funders – including Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Tudor Trust and Lankelly Chase – have an equal investment in the Getting Alongside Communities programme and a shared interest in a new approach to tackling deep-rooted social challenges.

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