Corra Foundation – Reassurance on the impact of Coronavirus on charities and groups

By 13th March 2020 May 14th, 2020 News

Corra recognises that Coronavirus will have a big impact on individuals, communities and charities throughout Scotland. In many instances, charities and local groups will be even more crucial than ever in providing practical and emotional support and tackling isolation.

We want to reassure people that we will do what we can to help with this.

If you’re thinking of applying for funding, please go ahead.

If you receive funding from Corra, we will:

  • Make sure grant payments are processed as normal.
    We know how important this is, particularly where our grant contributes to someone’s salary. Any Corra grants that contribute to someone’s salary will continue to be paid, even if that person is unable to deliver their role due to the impact of Coronavirus.


  • Offer flexibility around timescales and how funding is used.
    We recognise the current situation could impact in a range of ways. For example: some face-to-face delivery roles may have to be suspended for a period; charities’ resources may need to be redirected; support might need to be delivered in different ways; and the timelines you planned may have to change. We’re happy to have a conversation if you would like to use your funding differently or over a different time period than originally planned.


  • Allow for the impact of the current situation when reading charities’ reports.
    We understand that it might be difficult for you to meet the outcomes of your grant. If you feel a conversation about this would be helpful, please do get in touch. However, we will expect to see this reflected in many organisations’ funding reports, and given how busy many charities are please don’t feel you have to take time out to discuss this with us outside of your regular reporting.

As well as supporting organisations through funding, Corra also works alongside several communities in Scotland through our team of Community Co-ordinators. Normally, much of this work relies on face-to-face contact. We are now developing alternative ways of supporting connection and mutual help within communities during exceptional and difficult times.

Please click here for details of Scotland-wide efforts to make sure funding is available over the coming weeks and months (we are continuing to keep this page up-dated as things develop).

In line with Scottish Government advice, the Corra team are now working from home. The easiest way to reach Corra staff is on their mobiles or via email. All of our email addresses are on the website

Please look after yourselves and others and do get in touch if there’s something we can do that would be helpful.

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