Drugs Services Support


Grassroots Fund & Improvement Fund


The numbers of drug-related deaths in Scotland are far too high. These deaths are tragic and avoidable and reducing them is a priority for all of us. The Scottish Government is now leading a national mission to improve lives, backed by significant additional resources. There remains a lot of hard work ahead, but with extra investment in essential services, the work we do will be more secure and signals a determination to make change and no longer to fail those who need and deserve our help.


Corra is administering two funds on behalf of the Scottish Government which have been designed to provide immediate support for grassroots, community, residential and family organisations in maintaining and improving drugs services.

Funds open

Closing date for applications

Funding decisions announced

Thursday 18th February 2021

Midday Monday 8th March 2021

By 31st March 2021

The aim of these funds is to provide grants quickly to support organisations which need funding now to allow them to develop and improve services. We realise that the closing date means you have limited time to apply but to assist with this we have kept the application form as short and simple as possible.


Summary of the funds:

Grassroots Fund

  • The grassroots fund is focused on community-based, not for profit organisations which deliver frontline services to support people who use drugs and their families.
  • The grassroots fund is open to organisations with an annual income of up to £1 million.
  • One year funding of up to £50,000 can be used for existing or expanded service delivery, general running costs, staffing, equipment, etc.

Improvement Fund

  • The improvement fund will support drug service resources, particularly organisations which deliver services that lead to fast and appropriate access to treatment, residential rehabilitation and collaborative approaches that help people to address the underlying challenges that they face.
  • The improvement fund is open to public, third and private sector organisations that are incorporated and can operate this funded work on a not for profit basis.
  • Applications to the improvement fund will need to include a letter of support from their local Alcohol & Drugs Partnership (ADP) Chair or Co-ordinator.


Please read the criteria document and application guidance notes before applying