Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund

The Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is now closed.

The Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is a £1 million Scottish Government fund administered by Corra Foundation. Over £600,000 has been distributed in phase one (February – May 2021). The next phase, commencing 1st July, will support groups to access the remaining funds.

The purpose of the Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is to provide small grants to community and voluntary groups across Scotland who are delivering activities that connect and support people within their local community.

The Fund aims to reach groups who:

  • Have strong local relationships with people in the community.
  • Are already supporting people in their communities to reconnect and improve wellbeing.
  • Have an annual income of less than £50,000.

Groups who are currently in receipt of Scottish Government funding eg. Community Recovery Fund or Adapt and Thrive are not eligible to apply.

To view a list of community and voluntary organisations in receipt of Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities funding as of March 2021 click here.

Eligibility and Fund information

Who can apply?

Community groups, membership groups, voluntary groups, social enterprises, and charities who:

  • Have local people leading the delivery of support/activities for the benefit of their community.
  • Provide support or activities for their community at no charge and/or small fee.
  • Have a volunteer management committee.
  • Confirm any potential profits are used to benefit the local community and/or other charitable purposes.

Groups or organisations who were established to help meet the needs of their neighbourhood or community during the pandemic can apply if your purpose and activities fit with other criteria.

Who can’t apply?

  • Groups or organisations that are currently in receipt of Scottish Government Coronavirus Recovery and/or Emergency funding. This includes Community Recovery Fund and Adapt and Thrive.
  • Groups who were successful in the first phase of Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities fund.
  • Individuals.
  • Sole trader.
  • Groups looking for funds for political campaigning or promoting religious activities.

How much is available and what can it be used for?

Groups can apply for up to £3,000.

This funding could help your group to continue to deliver support or activities in your local area over the next 12 months.

Examples of what funds could cover:

  • Travel or volunteer expenses.
  • Covering hall hire for community spaces(when Scottish Government Coronavirus restrictions allow and it is safe to do so).
  • Sessional or project staff costs.
  • Helping people to stay safe (PPE for small gatherings/group activity).

Application and Criteria

How to apply?

The Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund is now closed.

Click here to read the Second Phase Revised Criteria – Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund 

Click here to open the Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund application form 

Groups and organisations will need to complete a short online application that will ask for:

  • Information about the group/organisation.
  • Contact details for a member of the group.
  • How the group or organisation supports their community.
  • How much money is required.
  • How the money will be used.

You will also need to provide a copy of your constitution.

If your group or organisation does not have a constitution or their own bank account you may still be able to apply through a ‘Buddy Organisation’. Buddy organisations must have their own constitution, bank account, and operate within the same local community. The buddy will need to confirm they know your group and that they are able to hold money in their account on your group’s behalf.

Next Steps

What happens next

Once the application is received Corra will send an email acknowledging receipt. Corra will review the application to ensure it meets criteria and is eligible for support. Should there be any questions or missing information someone from Corra will be in touch.

Please note any grant offer may be adjusted based on the costs applied for being proportionate to the size and needs of the groups.

Corra will aim to provide a decision within two weeks of receiving the form.

If successful, the group will receive an email advising them of the grant amount, grant conditions, and payment information. The email will also tell groups about the monitoring requirements and potential follow-up call on the benefit the grant made to the community.

If unsuccessful, the group will receive an email advising why the application did not fit the criteria and why they did not receive support.